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A Flood of Dread; A Flood of Mercy

12th January, 2015

Prayer Meeting

Tongues and Interpretation:

The season that is opened is opened to all. It is a season, calling for all to come. It is a season of a calling, a special calling, to come up to a mountain. There is a mountain set before you in this season which you must climb. It is a mountain that is calling and this mountain is calling for all to come and climb. For that which is to be climbed and that which is to be stood upon, even Zion that which feet must stand upon, is a place that is set for you in this season.

Yea, I am also bringing My grace upon you. I am also bringing My grace upon all that will respond to My grace by faith. I am bringing My grace; grace to overcome, grace to climb, grace to step up, grace to be willing, grace to run and  grace not to draw back. Grace is being released and grace is upon you even in this season.

Even in this season are coming many floods. In this season will come flood. Many will be overthrown by the flood. Many will be swallowed by the flood. Many will be overtaken by the flood. Many who will not seek Me with all their hearts, many who will not focus even on that which I am saying, many who will not take to heart the instructions of the Spirit, many who will not heed to the call that is being made right now will be taken. Many will be taken by the flood.

But there is also a flood of mercy. I will cause My mercy to overflow. It will come also like a flood. My mercy will come like a flood and My mercy will help you find grace, for I will cause the flood of mercy to flow. You will find mercy as you obey Me. You will find great mercy, you will find great help, and you will find great succour and great help even as you step into obedience.


Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

We will fear You. Men need to learn to fear You. Yea even the learning of the past, how You have dealt with men has not ceased. The season has not changed; You are still the fearful One. Have I not said, ‘I am the Lord, the Consuming Fire, I am the dreadful One’. Even though I have called you to come to this mountain that can be touched but the mountain does not negate fear. I am the Consuming Fire. Even though you touch Me, touch Me with fear, touch Me with reverence. Do not bite Me and do not strike Me. If you strike Me, I will strike you. If you touch Me, I will touch you. When I touch you, you cannot bear My touch. When I strike you, you cannot bear my striking. Have I not said, ‘Touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm?’

Fearful is He, greatly to be feared for He is high, for He is holy and for He is mighty. There is nothing beside Him, there is no one beside Him; Him alone stands. He alone has been standing and He alone stands. He alone will stand even to the end. He alone will stand and He alone will not fail. Yea, He will not fail His Person. He will not fail and He will not compromise who He is. For He is a just God, He is a holy God and He is the Holy One of Israel.

Yea, He is also Merciful. Oh let your heart be full of mercy and let your heart be full of fear.

‘Great will be your victory for I will cause you to stand in My grace. I will cause you stand in the place of victory. Yea, I will help you’, says the Lord. ‘Great is your victory in Jesus. Great is your victory in the Son of God. Great is your victory in Him who has been raised from the dead. Great is your victory in Him. In Him, you are victorious’, says the Lord.

‘I will cause light to come. I will cause light to break forth. I will cause more light to come. I will cause more light of resurrection. I will cause more light of life. I will make you see the path of life and I will make you see how to walk in it. You will take steps in order with the path of life and you shall live’, says the Lord.

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