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Acquiring the Most Holy Sense

Ministering: Rev  Kayode Oyegoke
Text: Hebrews 5: 8-14, 7:24

At the new birth, we were saved in our spirits, this however, is not all that pertains to salvation. We were saved in our spirits to initiate a process for the salvation of our souls. One who is saved in the soul has come into salvation to the uttermost (Heb. 7:25). Eternal salvation cannot occur except we are willing to go after the forerunner who has gone ahead of us (Heb. 6:20). If someone is a forerunner, it means that there are people behind running as well. Like the Hebrew church, we are called to run also, till we enter into the place where the forerunner is.

The entrance we will first receive is that our souls will come to where the forerunner is. This is the expectation of heaven for souls that are called to the most holy place. The teaching of grace should not excempt this call, because, we ought to obtain mercy and find grace to enable us come into the holiest of all (Heb 4:16). Anyone who comes into the holiest of all interacts with the throne of God – the throne of God (grace) is seated in the environs of the holiest of all. What seats the holiest ground or the ground of the most holy place is the mercy seat. The table of the ark – the ark and that which is found therein is in the realm of God’s throne.

What makes the utensils stand is the ground. Moses was told to take off his shoes because where he stood was a holy ground. Grounds depict holiness. The ground of the outer court has a dimension of holiness. The ground of the holiest of all, is the holiest ground. The ground of the outer court is righteousness,the ground of the holy place is a higher righteousness and the ground of the holiest of all is righteousness of salvation.The grounds and the utensils have their meanings.

The most holy place before the furniture is the most holy grounds. A feet that has come into the most holy must have walked the walk of the most holy place. If a feet is not qualified it would not be granted entrance because feet holds an account of how much walk someone has made. Walking is working When we walk, we engage our hands. Our work therefore is tied to our walk. Our work should not precede our walk, if we do work and have not walked we would do something contrary.

What Jesus was made into (perfection) is what we are told to come into (Heb. 5:6). It can only take Jesus to teach us, therefore, we need to interact with the high priest to know what perfection is. Our interaction with Jesus the high priest and author of eternal salvation is not just for knowledge sake, rather it is for us to be eternally saved. People receiving the salvation of their souls are required to be of a pure heart because the commandment must be adhered to and kept without rebuke, reproach or spots, otherwise, the salvation process can become burdensome. Such people must have consistently obeyed the faith of the son which purifies the soul unto unfeigned love of the brethren.

Salvation of the soul is in the most holy place. God is standing on the most holy ground. His throne is set on the most holy ground. Anyone that would come to God must have the oracle built in him. The oracle is the abode of God. the only conducive environment for God is the most holy. The most holy is the perfect, perfection is the most holy.

One who does not have full age cannot discern good and evil (Heb. 5:14). Full age is not just a function of hearing, it is also a function of usage. Those who refuse exercise of their senses cannot come into discernment. Satan developed our senses wrongly by means of wrong judgement. Satan’s greatest work has been to impair judgement, and this is the warfare in the redemption of man. What we call good is evil in the eyes of God. To be free from evil, is to allow the exercise of holy sense to have expression. The purpose of the trial of our faith is to gain a new sense (holy sense).

The senses are the reasoning faculty of the soul and it is upon the head that the helmet of salvation would be worn. This tells us that a time is coming when the brain/senses of a man have been converted to resolve spiritual matters. One who has not come to full age cannot handle strong meat because strong meat needs someone who exercises his senses in the purity of judgement. If the senses of a man are  not trained/exercised by the meat (shewbread) of the word which sanctifies the mind, he cannot come to full age. To partake of this exercise, your heart must be sincere, otherwise, you will speak evil of the way.

When one comes to age, he becomes skillful in the word of righteousness.The doctrine of Christ gives full age for discerning the strong meat of the word. The strong meat of the word is for perfection. On the issue of doctrine and the teaching of salvation of the soul, we ought to be slow to speak, slow to wrath, swift to hear. When one is dull of hearing, he cannot fully participate in the strong meat of the word because you have to be of quick understanding in judgement. It takes a man who has come to full age of the doctrine of Christ to come to perfection.

Christ doctrine is the principle of the word, perfection are the teachings of God. Milk of the word makes one to be thorough in the oracle. Each floor in the holy places are the oracle of God, if you find the floor in the holiest of all, you have found the secret of God. Each stand of the angel is an oracle. Oracles are doctrines. What an angel does is the oracle upon which he stands, that is the doctrine. So also, Jesus Christ the high priest, stands on the oracle of the most holy place. This place is what the strong meat custodes. He has been made perfect and in him is eternal salvation and eternal redemption. Christ stands as the full doctrine of eternal salvation

God builds his abode from His waters (doctrine/teachings/word) Psalm 104:3. Those who drink of these waters would be saved eternally (Isaiah 12:3). This is why we need to exercise our senses so we can have judgment of eternal salvation. By exercising our senses, we would learn how to discern between good and evil, our minds would have been trained to pick thoughts of eternal salvation. When God gives His fruit, it sets a nature in place eternally. This was why when Adam fell, he was refused the tree of life.

Trees are stationary in nature, they do not move in search of food or water, their roots reach deep and fetch this but the rest of the tree have to wait for this food. This depicts to us that those that would be saved eternally would have to wait for it. The tree of life has its fruits produced in seasons, all these fruits must be eaten to come to full salvation.

It takes a building of stature to stay consistent with the strong meat of the word because there are many distractions. Jesus counted all things as dung for the most excellent realm. The proclamation of God to Jesus on the mount of transfiguration did not make him waver in His commitment to the will of God. this is stature! The apostle tenaciously held on to the doctrine of Christ despite, Peter declared having a more sure word of prophecy that is steadfast and more sure than the declaration of Jesus as the son of God on the mount. The salvation of the soul is backed up by a more sure word of prophecy.

When God decides to bring a man closer to Himself, He weans such a man from his trust and reliance in the flesh. This would help such a man trust only in the Lord. We should come to a place where the Lord alone is sufficient for us because God is more sure than the rising and setting of the sun.

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