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Cloud of Glory and The Coming Mantles: (20th October, 2015)

Tongues and Interpretations

Be still and know that I am God. I am God in the midst of you. I am God, the mighty One in the midst of you. Be still even in your heart; let not your heart be afraid. Let not your heart fear, let not your heart fret and let not your heart wander. Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted amidst you. My name will be glorified. My name will be magnified. My name you will know (you will know My name) and you will see My works, because you will know My name. I will cause My name to be exalted amidst you even as a mighty tower (even as a strong tower). So be still in your heart and know that I am God.

Behold, I am with you. Behold, I am standing in your midst. I will not leave you alone for I am with you. I will show up even Myself, I will show up. I will show up even in the midst of the flood. Even in the midst of fire, I will show up. I am with you and I will be with you. I will cause you to draw for you will draw from the well of salvation. With gladness of heart, with joy, you will draw from the well of salvation even unto victory, saith the Lord.

Therefore say I to you, draw from the well. Draw and drink, and your soul will be satisfied. Draw and drink strength. Draw and drink My strength. Draw from that well for it is not far from you. Draw and drink for the well is with you even your spirit. Draw from that well. Draw strength. Draw energy of the Spirit. Draw and let your soul be saturated even with the water of the Spirit and you will be strengthened.

Why do you doubt in your heart? They are my sons. They started little – they started from the outer court and they moved to the holy place, and they ended up in the most holy place. Don’t doubt in your heart; I wrought it in them. Have you not heard? I am the same yesterday, I am the same today. I did it in them, I will do it in you. I will bring Hagin’s path and I will bring Idahosa’s path. I will bring them. I will bring many of them. So many that they will be uncountable. They will move as the end time army. Do not doubt; trust Me. I have done it before, I will do it again. I will raise you to be spiritual.

Those who these spirits will come upon are men who have been taught mercy because the spirit that is coming right now is a spirit that is perfect. The spirit is of Zion. Zion spirit made perfect will rest upon many at a very great proportion. The type of the spirit upon our Lord. More of Idahosa’s spirit will come who will break the nation, but will not destroy the nation. Who will make the nation come under her knee but will not scatter and injure the nation. It is a spirit and is a rod of power that has great intent of saving the soul. He will war in righteousness and meekness. There will be salvation again because mercy shall be built. We are entering into a place where more of mercy will be demonstrated and more of blessing will be given.

You are entering into a season of the Spirit that is so thick. Your atmosphere will be thick with My cloud and there will be networking amidst you. It is going to be a pure network of the Spirit even amidst you, and by so doing, you will draw graces down, and there will be help in that cloud. A cloud will be saturated with My power, with My glory and it will be saturated with help. Help is come over your head. Be careful with the cloud, it is like a bird, it can fly away. Be careful to keep it; it can get stronger and it can increase in fold. As you know how to keep this so shall the cloud of glory rest upon you all. It will begin to go, it will begin to dissipate itself into different directions like caps of thunder. It will be moving; great distribution of power and glory. Some of the clouds will travel as far as cities. They will stop cities for days and they will wrought wonders. They will travel as far into nations; they will change climate of nations. It will rest upon men. Many men will carry it. I see birds of glory resting. You will give Him rest and they shall say, My spirit has rested on you. Because there is no strife, there is no war; you have become peace, then I will rest on you.

Journey, these are for the journey! These are to strengthen you for the journey. My weapons are to strengthen you for the journey. My shield is to shield you. It is a led work. My fire is on your foot, My fire is on your feet. My fire is your strength. It is to help your walk – your journey. It is a race. It is not for the swift; it is not for the strong. It is for the weak. I am the Almighty; it is My work. That is why you need My fire

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