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Day 5 Evening Session

Ministering: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

Whoever desires the glory of God MUST NOT be ashamed of the cross. We must not deviate from the cross because it is the door to glory everlasting. It is high time for Zion to awake to the love of the Father. This glory can NEVER be gotten from outside the boundaries of the church. The church has to come to a plane that the world knows nothing about. God will NOT allow His glory to cohabit with the glory of the world. The glory of the world creates a valid ground for the accusations of Satan (Zechariah 3). The filthy garments that Joshua the high priest wore did not look like filthy garments to him because they represented the glory of Babylon. The soul is often tempted to touch filth because of the beauty that surrounds it. The purpose of the cross is to crucify the glories of this world.


“But God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified unto me and I to the world”

Galatians 6:14


The time is here when the Lord will visit churches that have exalted the glories of the world in their midst. To be ashamed of the cross is to be ashamed of Jesus Christ. We must know that the throne is real and there are things that disqualify us before it.  Your glory and the glory of God cannot mix. Jesus is the cross of the Father.

Angels have an understanding of scriptures. For instance, angel brought an understanding of scriptures to Daniel (Daniel 9:21). They are limited in understanding, though because some things within God has been kept secret for they have things that they desire to look into (1 Peter 1:12). Stay on the scriptures and your safety is guaranteed. There is a great alignment of scriptures in the realm of the spirit. A man is a container with measures. Angels are men of higher calibers and stature than living souls. Sometimes, though they appear without wings they can still fly. It is not any external attribute that they possess that makes them angels but their essence. One of the things that will make you avoid pitfalls in the realm of the spirit is the attitude of waiting on the Lord for access into the Spirit. Do not claim to know the interpretation of all things that you see in the Spirit.

God seeks that His word filters into our souls and becomes our properties. It is the desire of God that the faith of His Son be preached. Authority has been granted for the message of the faith of God’s Son to permeate the body of Christ and the nations. There are administration of God’s workings that do not answer to the zeal of man. A perfect man is different from “the perfect man” (Ephesians 4:10-13). To understand the things of the Spirit is a great honor. A perfect man can stand in the gap and engage the realm of the spirit. Such men have degrees of stature that can understand heavenly transactions. There are men raised by Hell that the church need to be protected from (Ephesians 4:12-13). Such man have cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting and trickery.

The gates of hell are men! The answer to the assault of hell upon the church is the raising of men who are of stature. It is only the activities of God that checks hell. When we have men of stature in the house of God, the children of God will grow properly. Sons are trees and are windbreakers, against wrong winds that blow. It will take stature to relate with and handle stature. God is uprooting every wrong stature from among His people. God has given us an entrance from Adam into Christ. This is why Satan has been keeping the church from fulfilling God’s mandate over her. God wants men who will be all that He wants them to be. Growing up to God is not a sin but a calling. Peter, Paul and John, among others, were men of stature, gates and trees of righteousness in the days of their flesh. Nothing breaks the winds of wrong doctrines other than men of great stature. Every unbeliever is a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in a miniature state. We have been designed by God to house the spiritual Man; that is the ordination of our spirits. The spiritual man attains his stature by knowledge because what we know culminates in who we become. Satan uses corruptible men but we are men of the incorruptible seed.

At resurrection, a different kind of Man was revealed. Our flow into the resurrected Man is our deliverance from the bondage of corruption. This new Man is a citizen of another world; that is why Satan hates our growth. Handling this divine purpose with levity is toying with our destiny. God desires the salvation of all men and their arrival at the knowledge of the Son of God (2 Timothy 2:4, Ephesians 4:13). We must beware of men who have the capacity to stop our upward growth. To lack understanding is to be locked up with the dead (Proverbs 21:16). Satan hates the Father’s agenda and those who pursue it. Receiving the knowledge of God’s Son is downloading portions in Him. The Mediator between God and men is the Man, Christ Jesus. True ministry is raising and building capacities in men for the world to come. Those capacities, though are developed here, cannot be fully expressed here. Who you are determines your plane in the spirit. God will put enmity between us and Satan. Satan increases his tempo of attacks when the true sons of God begin to arise. We must learn to discern men. Facially, we are all men but in our souls we are not of the same stock. Some men are psychological beings, some are grown by the traditions of men and others with the rudiments of this world (Colossians 2:8).

The ultimate desire of Satan for man is to make him a man of sin. The “son of perdition” is arriving at the fullness of Satan. The names of blasphemy upon the head of the Antichrist are crowns of death (Revelation 13). The thunderings of God are erasing the evil name and writing the new man upon our souls. When a believer loves the world, he will not be able to resist the names of blasphemy. The world of the beast is a world of idols. Graven images that our forefathers worshiped are dumb idols. The real idols we need deliverance from are the ones that follow us to church and speak to lead us. When there is a covenant between the soul and idols, such will be left alone (Hosea 4:17). Worship is at its highest peak when the soul loses itself! This kind of surrender only happens when love is involved. We are coming to the place where we will be drawn by God’s love. It is a sorry state for souls to fall in love with the image of the beast but the Bible says some men will get there (2 Thessalonians 2:3). The mystery of iniquity is already working to raise souls in opposition to God. The basis of the blasphemy will be his ability to provide alternative solutions to man’s problems away from God. The Antichrist will have the ability to access the most holy dimension of men.

The battle of Armageddon is the battle of two men; Christ and the Antichrist. One slayed the other with the breath of His mouth and captured the other. The glory of Jesus Christ captured and disarmed the Antichrist. This means He slew the stature of sin and the fullness of Satan. The Antichrist will see Jesus and will not be able to comprehend What kind of a Man He is. The image of the beast will be thus destroyed. Our victory in Christ is not just over the world but also over the Antichrist. Jesus Christ is superior to the world. It is because we have not seen Him in His full essence that Satan tricks us with the glories of this world. He is the perfect Man.  


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