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Day 5 Morning Session
Ministering: Pastor Thompson Ehima

The call of the new creation man is to come into the realm of “all things” (2 Cor. 5:18). These things are the things of God. At new birth, our spirits partook of the new creation of which Jesus is the first born. Everything about the new man is called righteousness because God’s righteousness was moved into it. Heaven and Earth are part of the creation of God. Living by faith is not illusive; it is living under the governance of the Spirit. The gospel of Christ is the reservoir that houses God’s eternal power. The power that gets a believer born again is far superior than that which lifts a man from a wheelchair. It takes the eternal power of God to unite a dead spirit with the power of the Godhead. When eternal power is at work, an eternal work is done.

Gifts of the Holy Ghost birth miraculous power but eternal power gives life to dead spirits. The new Heaven and Earth are part of the order of the new creation. Righteousness is a result of the workings of faith in the life of a man. Faith basically means being subject to the Spirit. Righteousness means God’s revealed standard of life. It has to be revealed because man does not know it. You cannot be the righteousness of God without capturing the thoughts of God. A higher Power than man has to do this because there are spirits which will want God’s thoughts hidden.

Utterances of the Father speaks of the thoughts of the Father finding entrance into the thoughts of men; herein is the power of the gospel manifested. When the thought of God is moved into a man, he can be said to have obtained faith. How a man applies himself to the revealed thought of God to him determines his walk of faith. This is how power is unleashed that changes a man’s view, analyses and views of things. The thoughts of God moved into man and birthing a change is the process of becoming the righteousness of God. Jesus Christ is not bankrupt of the things of God. Part of the things of God that Christ embodies are Faith and Love.

Faith reveals righteousness while love carries it out. It is a thing of honor to partake of the sufferings of Christ. However, these sufferings are customized for every soul such that two situations are not alike. They must not allow us become ashamed of the gospel of Christ. It is time to know Him Whom we have believed and be persuaded about Him no matter what we go through. We have to know that whenever we go through adversities that we are kept by the power of God. Rejoicing over suffering with the Lord in one’s life is how entrance will be ministered into the joy of God’s Kingdom.

We are admonished to hold fast to the form of sound words that we have heard against the contention of wrong spirits. The things that make up the new creation man are faith and love. These two are the virtues that everything about the new creation revolves around. The doctrine of Christ and the gospel of Christ mean the same thing. Without learning the basic principles of Christ cannot arrive at the doctrine of Christ. To have God is to have the things of God, which are in Christ. Paul defines a transgressor as he who goes against the doctrine of Christ that he had first taught (Galatians 2:18). The order of the new creation is clearly defined with parameters that determine its boundaries. To transgress is not to abide within these revealed parameters.

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