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Day 5 Morning Session

Ministering: Rev. Ken Igbinedion

The time of preaching to prove point is gone. It is time to prove the good, acceptable and perfect will of God. To do this, there are buildings that must go down for God’s building to rise. God will not build on a platform He did not create in the first place. The end of the testament is Love. You can enjoy the world of faith for as long as you like but love is the consummation of all things. Utterances of the Father is about speaking to uproot things and put other things in its place; not to make us feel good. Jesus is the One who interprets what the Godhead is made up for. When you come to the Word, you hear words; when you come to the Father, you hear sounds which the Holy Ghost is needed to decode. Our race is a race upward because it is an upward calling. The reason we cannot run upwards is because of images, philosophies, ideologies, among others. A man might have power to move mountains but may not understand forgiveness. God, oftentimes, leads us to remove things we had hitherto believed and held, which are not consistent with God.

The utterances of the Father will ALTER you. When the Father is ready to speak, be ready to decrease for Him to increase. Many ministers can share deep things but may not be able to handle divorce; that is death speaking. The Father intends to speak till we come to the place of recognizing our place of nothingness without Him. Whatever we are is by the grace of God. The utterances of the Father is His voice speaking; this voice is a Person. God asked Adam.

“where art thou? And he said, ‘I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. And He (the LORD) said, ‘Who told you that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?’

Genesis 3:9-11

Images are formed by words. Every student, gains admission as an innocent student, but is altered by words till he becomes a graduate of his chosen course. We are used to men who teach us to live from outside; true Christian life is lived from the inside-out. The Lord has come to uproot every other stone and mountain that are not His. The voice of the Father is beyond a good sermon; it is the voice of God uprooting things from the soul. The church that focuses on externalities cannot uproot darkness from the nation. Even in the silence of the Father, He is speaking. We must learn His audible and inaudible speakings and movements. We have to minimize external interferences in our relationship with the Father. It is unfortunate that the faithfulness of God has been attached to how much of carnal things we can amass.

We must honour the Father’s voice more than we do our religious ideas; otherwise, He will bypass us. When the Father speaks, our idols must give way. Wrong images we have acquired in our souls prevent us from knowing the Lord, in truth. God fathered Jesus Christ; He wants to father you too. He is the consuming fire, Who consumes our dross to purify sons to Himself. Jesus’ declaration of His sonship to Israel was supposed to birth hope within them but it birthed hatred. The hope was that the One Whom their fathers walked with will not relate with them as Father, with Jesus being the Firstborn. It is time for everything called veils and images that have strongholds in our souls to go down at the hearing of the Father’s voice. He wants to speak to us till we become the custodian of His utterances. Satan rules the world by images (or stars); especially those in whom his words are formed. Unfortunately, nowadays, even ministries now have wrong images that they run with.

However, God the Father has the best of all images – the image of His Son! We must be very careful with the stories of those who claim to have worked with Satan before. The church is NOT meant to be directed by the speakings of Satan but by the WORDS OF GOD! Whatever issues from Satan is a lie; even if it is fact. Stay with the words of God till they become a voice within you regardless of how much Satan bombards you with false words. We must not raise our professions above the calling of the Father in His Son. The Father is saying to us today that it is time to turn our hearts to His voice so that our veils, idols and images will fall and He will be seen.

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