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Day 5 Morning Session

Ministering: Pastor Ernest Paul

Prophecies in scriptures are not just meant to be memory verses; they are realities that will sharpen our days. What God is constructing is a spiritual house, which signifies an order and governmental dimension (Isaiah 2:2). The government of God is situated within the boundaries of His house. Thrones cannot be combated with just the gifts of the Spirit. Certain dimensions of utterances and manifestations are not going to be possible until we align ourselves with the throne of God. There are trials of Faith and trials of Love; we must learn to discern the nature of the trials we go through. You cannot try to vindicate yourself and not step into evil; that is why God has chosen to do it Himself. We must learn to hold our peace in the face of provocation while we maintain our security in God.

The utterances of the Father is not the same as the utterances of God because each name of God represents different dimensions of Himself to us. God, as Father does things that He might not do as God. God, as King, speaks from the dimension of His throne while He speaks from the dimension of His Life, as Father. It is just like the names of God in the Bible; each name of God has a different set of power and ability. God surpasses our generational intelligence and the new creation man is the product of God’s word. Creation and the dispensation of the Old Testament was a manifestation of God as God.

The dimension of His fatherhood was never manifested until Jesus came. No man ever heard the utterances of God, the Father till Jesus came because God had never spoken to anyone from that dimension before. Fathers generate and give life. The Holy Ghost was given in response to Jesus’ prayer; not ours and the peak of His ministry is when He makes the Father tabernacle with man. The closest we can get to the Son is to be His bride and the closest we can get to the Father is to be His Son. The grounds of sonship is such that nothing is hid between the two of them; the son inherits the Father! We cannot afford to fossilize too early in our relationship with God because we have the whole of eternity to find Him out and know Him. We  cannot be without leading, we cannot be unteachable; neither can we be rigid and unmovable in the spirit because we are on a journey.

The word of God births things, generates new desires and passions; taking heed to those new things that are born within us is the beginning of becoming a new person. That is the exit out of “who I used to be” into “who God wants me to be”. If we steward the word of God accurately, it will convey us into a new person. It can be safe to conclude that the voice that came to Jesus at Jordan was from the Fatherhood dimension of God because the Lord was addressed as “Son” (Matthew 3:17). God demonstrated on the mount of Transfiguration that Moses and Elijah were prophets of a lower order than Jesus Christ (Matthew 17:5). There, the Father further affirmed the sole right of Jesus to speak His things. This came into integration when He became His full grown Son after resurrection. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, has become the present speaking of God (Hebrews 1:1).

He was raised by the word of the oath, which comes from the realm of God’s immutability. The speakings of the Father are in different degrees. Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father means His position and priesthood has been established! The speakings of the Father to the child is to raise him into a son. The purpose of tutors and governors is not to teach the son what they know but what the Father is (Galatians 4:1-2). To raise us from children to becoming sons, God has need for the word of the oath to be spoken to us. It is through His utterances that the throne of God, the Father, is transferred and moved into us, at the level of sonship. What makes us able to stand in the presence of God is the conferment of the Father’s honor upon the soul. The ability to bring government and order is part of the privilege of being sons.

God speaks to children to raise them into sons while He speaks to sons to confer authority and honour for the throne. Growing into sonship is responding to the call to become a partner with God in executing His will.  God transfers authority to us and works with us to bring His will to pass. The words and works of Jesus were as a result of the internal workings of the Father within Him. When we step into love, we step into the fullness of God. We always journey from hope to faith to love and in God, we move from love to love.

Love is the birth point of everything beautiful. Whenever a soul is in love, only good things flow out. Envy, darkness, among others flow out of a shift from the position of love. The workings of love between God the Father and Christ are manifest in that He “loves the Son and shows Him all things that He does” (John 5:20). Love is the perfection of God; when we step into it, we step into the fullness of God. We thank God that, in our journey with Him, He releases words to us so that we can walk in partnership with Him.

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