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Unveiling the Throne of Mercy: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke


BECON 2017: Day 6 Evening Session

Minister: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

Text: Hebrews 9:

Service begins in the Holy place. The writers of Hebrews showed us that service was not fully done in the Old Testament tabernacle. The high priest of the Old Testament could only go into the Holiest of All once a year and his sons were entities of the Holy Place. The work of the sons of Aaron was to ensure that the light of the Holy Place kept burning. In the days of Eli, we can see that the lamp of God going out coincided with the eyes of Eli growing dim. This signifies that the eyes of the high priest was the candlestick in the Holy Place.

The high priest, in the Old Testament, was not an abider in the Holiest of All. He could only go in once a year. Moses, as the one in charge of the house of the Old Testament abided more in the holiest than Aaron did. The ark was not unveiled until after his death. Israel never needed the ark when he was alive, because he was symbolically the ark. All the powers that Moses deployed were kept in the ark and  was not unveiled when he was alive. God downloaded everything in the ark into Moses at the backside of the desert for forty years. His preservation by a type of an ark when he was born was God’s way of telling Israel that He had given them an ark in him.

Just as Moses was the ark of the Old Testament, Jesus Christ is the ark of the New testament. His high priesthood is to bring “many sons to glory” (Hebrews 2:10). This means it is possible to be a son but not yet be in glory. Reading Hebrews 9, we see that the Outer court is omitted, because it does not qualify for what is the tabernacle of the God. the Outer Court is governed by the light of the sun and moon while the holy place is governed by the light of the candlestick. It is compulsory that you master the discipline of the Word and always stay within the confines of Scriptures. Do not look for extraneous materials. They will open you up wrongly. You must be a man of the Word to combat and survive the hazards of the realm of the spirit.

Cherubim are beings of the Most Holy Place. They carry that dimension with them wherever they go. The angel in the burning bush commanded Moses to remove the sandals from his feet, because that place was holy (Exodus 3:1-5). What made the place holy was the presence of the angel. It was from this realm of holiness that Lucifer fell from. The intelligence of this being is documented in Ezekiel 28:13f. Satan fell, because he was ignorant of God’s ability to use evil to advance His purpose. Where Adam fell from was the most holy place of the earth-Eden.

The cherubim in the tabernacle overshadowed the mercy seat. This is because the nature of cherubs is to cover or cast shadow over a thing or people. The mountain that Lucifer overshadowed was not the most holy mountain but the holy place of heaven. After he fell from this dimension, he became the instrument of trial for sons. Like the book of Job depicts, whenever God wanted to raise sons, Satan was employed to test them. Lucifer was an ark (an Ark is a vessel of Glory) and a vessel of Glory. This is why you cannot be said to have overcome him until you have entered into Glory.

The aim of Satan is to stop men from being glorified. In the days of Job, when the sons of God appeared and Job was about to be glorified, Satan came to stop it (Job 1:6-7). True sons are not intimidated by Satan’s presence. This is shown in the fact that they never cast a railing  accusation against him or prayed against him; they simply ignored him. The boast of Satan is that men do not serve God for who He is but for the things He gives (Job 1:9-10). This system of worship was designed by Satan. That was why he sounded so sure of it. He moves up and down the face of the earth, because, after having been excommunicated from the mountain of the Lord, he could not stop walking up and down. Because he was an entity of the Most Holy Place, he could oversee the Holy Place. One cherub is equal to many Seraphim. This is why he never succeeded in deceiving any cherub.

The feet of the cherubim are entrenched in mercy. No one can stand in this terrain in the spirit without having been made so. You can never be a vessel of glory without being a vessel of mercy (Romans 9:23). Paul said, “it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of God who showeth mercy” (Romans 9:16). This scripture is for those who are about breaking into the Most Holy Place. The Holy Place is a place for walking while the Most Holy Place is a place for running. This passage also implies that neither willing nor running qualifies a soul for God’s mercy. Mercy is God’s prerogative to give, even after all conditions have been met.

The realm of increased strength is the realm of God’s love (Isaiah 40:28-29). If while a soul is running towards God, He does not show mercy, such a soul will not be glorified. When one falls short of glorification, he has run in vain. This was one of Paul’s greatest fears (Galatians 4:11; Galatians 2:2). This is why we need a High Priest who has conquered the Most Holy Place. The last dash of our race ends in the Most Holy Place. Then will this scripture be fulfilled: “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and is saved” (Proverbs 18:10). Then the Lord’s desire to raise high priests will be fulfilled.

Then the Lord Jesus will be seen as the King of kings and Lord of lords. The word “high priest” implies that this priest has been raised higher. Because our enemy, Satan, was a high priest, we need a higher priest than he to save us. Satan is not afraid of any of the angels; the only one he dreads is the Most High. The tabernacle of the testimony is the ark of God (Revelation 11:19). This temple that was open in Revelation 11 is where God dwells. In Revelation 15:6, we find angels coming out of this temple again. It was one of these angels that John saw in Revelation 1. Lucifer was in this class of the angelic, meaning he was a being of the testimony.

Angels of the testimony are angels of witness. A witness is an emissary who speaks with the authority of the one who sent him. The angel that spoke to John in Revelation 1 was a witness with the testimony. What speaks in those angels is the testimony of God. Lucifer got the testimony within himself corrupted by lusting after the testimony that was in God. each time angels act in God’s stead, they prophesy. These angels do not prophesy by the gifts of the Spirit, they prophesy by the testimony because “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10). It is only angels of this class that can swear (Genesis 22:15-16).

Where the testimony was found, in the Old Testament, was in the ark but where God wants to put the testimony in the New Testament is within man. The little book that John was given by the angel in Revelation 10 is the testimony, by which he would yet prophesy to nations (Revelation 10:9-11). When the testimony has been put within man, he becomes a vessel of mercy. Without mercy, you cannot overcome the dragon. The dragon cannot come under your feet without mercy. Although cherubim are beings of mercy; yet, the mercy of our Lord Jesus brought is different.

Mercy goes beyond pity; it is the energy of God that delivers victory over the dragon to you. You cannot overcome a being of mercy that turned without having obtained mercy. At the very core of the operation of God is mercy. By it, He elects without consulting anyone. This is why it is written, “it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy” (Romans 9:16). The throne of God is the throne of mercy. While the cherubs stand on mercy, God sits in it. Oftentimes, God comes so close and retreats because it is in consonance with His nature to hide Himself (Isaiah 45:15). He does this often when He sees a heart that is not right.

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