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Day 6 Morning Session

Ministering: Pastor Seyi Osanyinbi

The word, “utterances” also means communication. God has spoken through different media and means from the beginning (Hebrews 1:1). The “Bible” of the Gentiles was creation (Psalm 19). That is why no reasonable man can deny God’s existence; He is written all over creation. God narrowed down on a particular family (Abraham) and people (Israel) when He wanted to birth His gospel. That something is new and strange does not make it a revelation. We must cultivate a healthy habit of relating with sacred things. We have to be careful because we are standing on very slippery grounds. If God is now speaking in Christ, we MUST pay attention to what He is saying. You can study the Bible and NEVER come into truth because its writing was not chronologically ordered; you need the Holy Ghost to open it to you. That is what is called “rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). We must learn to give attention to the feelings of the brethren because we are being observed. We must also develop a sense of judgment and standard of evaluation because there are many voices in the world and there is none without signification; be careful who you listen to.

A contention we have to dealt with to enforce God’s dominion is the voice of the one who disguises as the angel of light. We must be well acquainted with the voice of the Lord if we will not become prey to Satan. Know that you cannot take for granted the enemy you are facing; he is equipped to kill with anything, including the Bible. Be careful who you open your vocal cords to as a voice because spirits need voices to find access into the earth. We cannot afford not to be careless in the face of false hopes dangled by Satan. This is the time for us to be discerning, which begins by getting acquainted with the voice of the Lord. Without knowing the voice of the Lord functionally, your safety in these times is not guaranteed. These are days to not move till we hear what the Lord is saying; sometimes, though, we hear and don’t understand.

We have a mandate to save ourselves and save others. If we do not engage the power of prayer, we will not see many prophecies come to pass over our lives and the nation. We CANNOT bring the kingdom of God into this realm without the church and they must understand the technique of downloading their civilizations. These things are not entirely new; they have been declared before. Giving attention and concentrating on what is said makes it easier to download life. Living without focus will keep you from seeing the power of God all the days of your life. Do NOT multitask with the gospel; concentrate WHOLLY on it (Hebrews 2:1-4). What God is speaking is SALVATION; every contrary thing is NOT His declaration. These things are slippery in nature. Legitimate cares, if care is not taken, will prevent us from growing to maturity. God knows our needs but He desires us to seek the Kingdom and His righteousness first. The wisdom is in the word we hear.

We must tap into God’s wisdom of acquiring eternal life as we go about our daily businesses and endeavors. It is our responsibility to not let what the Lord is saying about salvation slip. We must be like the Berean Christians who went back to check what Paul preached (Acts 17:11). This attitude is needed for stability. A lawless man is one who is self-made and that he does good does not validate his ways. Ministry gifts were raised to preach this great salvation. Whoever does not come with this word is false. We cannot speak about the message without mentioning the quality of the messengers. God depends on faithful men because this work cannot be done in the capacity of any man. The prerequisite for committing this gospel to men is not zeal or anointing; it is faithfulness (2 Timothy 2:2). Ministry gifts are under NO compulsion to validate a man they have not found faithful.

A minister who is not faithful will represent another message. God’s choice of men is not about their heights, faces or pockets; it is about their hearts! The template of the gospel taking over nations is still what Paul did in Ephesus (Acts 19:30). The orderliness we see in many European nations today are as a result of the gospel having thrived and reigned there before. We need our hearts to be right with God to govern our territories in the spirit. We must know that we are doing this work of the gospel in partnership with angels (Hebrews 1:14). The only time you will witness their appearances is when you are on the Lord’s side on salvation. When you do not stand for the so great a salvation, you incapacitate them. If we do not understand this dynamics, we stand a greater chance of frustrating this work. Please, do not take this salvation for granted; A LOT is being invested in it. Angels fight a lot of battles to ensure we inherit salvation. We MUST recognize the voice of the Lord and His voice in His people. Many times, ministers raise men who know their voices but do not know the voice of the Lord. This makes such vulnerable once they leave the security of that environment. Raising men who know the voice of the Lord will enable us to discern the body of Christ.


  1. Olosunde ayooluwa says:

    Help us to know ur voice oh God


  2. nogwaro meshach says:

    What a blessing this divine thought has been to my soul

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