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Day 6 Morning Session

Ministering: Rev. Olabode Busuyi

Text: Daniel 7:21-28

It is true that angels, sometimes, have some insight into things that pertain to God. God has given the dominion to His Son because He has destroyed the enemy- death. Though Jesus has obtained this dominion for us, we also have to enforce and consolidate the victory. Evil spirits cannot be overcome by babes because they are not dumb idols and are governmental in nature. The authority we were given at New Birth is not authority over kingdoms; it is a right to become children/sons of God. At that stage, we have no legal right to discard the present age and usher in the Kingdom. Matters of the Kingdom are ageless and stature should be gained by believers to overcome the beast; otherwise, they will not be able to withstand his onslaught. In the past, our focus was about acquiring an holy estate and await our escape via the Rapture. This has made believers end up with a wrong hope and lack the capacity to possess the Kingdom. .The Kingdom of God will NOT pass away. Moves of the Spirit can pass away but the Kingdom does not. The end of the matter, in Daniel’s vision, is the possession of the Kingdom by the saints. The gospel is the restoration of the Kingdom to the saints.

When we pick a scripture of the prophets without an apostolic understanding to unlock it, we will misinterpret the word of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God, which differs from kingdoms of the earth, is what the apostles preached. Eden, which was the kingdom of the earth, was created before Adam was created. The living soul is the stature of the earth. You cannot claim to be a teacher of the Kingdom if you do not teach Christ! The revelation of God’s dominion is Jesus Christ. The new creation of the New birth belongs to another world. The new birth ushers us an exit out of this present order into  a new creation. Our spirit is a complete entity in Christ. The spirit can be alive and the soul is dead.  Though God made the Heavens and the earth, His Being is higher than the present Heaven. Jesus is not made of the fiber of the present Heaven. The new creation has its laws, technologies, power, wisdom and life that governs it. These things are not in the present heaven, they are hid in the throne. Heaven and earth will pass away because of the absence of righteousness. The mandate of the gospel is to bring the new world to earth and heaven. The church is currently not fulfilling God’s will; that is why sons are raised to birth change.

Satan has the ability to conquer men’s attitudes and kill them. The labour of the saints is about receiving the Kingdom. With the Kingdom comes its judgment and there is need for us to know the operational wisdom of the Kingdom. Committing judgment into the hands of the saints is very crucial for the dominion mandate. Without mercy to see the face of Jesus Christ, the church will be swept into a supernatural world which is not the eternal Kingdom of God. If we keep looking unto Jesus, we will receive the Kingdom of the Father. In Jesus is Christ and in Him is God. If the soul is not enlightened and tutored, it will never come to know the truth. Man is deep; he has several dominions in his soul because it can partake of many worlds. The answer to humanity is the revelation of God’s Kingdom. The world we see around us is from within us. The world that God, in Christ, is reconciling to Himself is the world in our souls (2 Cor. 5:19). We need more than the ability not to do wrong; we also need to be able to enforce righteousness. God is whole, in Himself, and it is a man who is whole that can wholly express His nature, which is His Kingdom. When you preach the lusts of the eyes, flesh and pride of life, the world will hear you because you are speaking of their resources. Every word has its world; you speak mystery when you speak a word to a people that is different from their world. It does not matter how simple you want to be in presenting the gospel, the world cannot understand you. The gospel of the Kingdom is an invitation to be the disciple of God’s world.

Our hearts can play dual roles; generating both faith and unbelief. Being tutored by truth is very vital and important that is why doctrines preceded miracles in the Bible. The five-fold ministry gifts are entities of truth. There are teachings that can stay death and there are teachings that can roll death away. Patience demands that we wait to receive the Kingdom. The first Adam fell because of impatience. Paul kept charging Timothy and Titus so they will not depart from the ministry of reconciling the soul to God, in Christ. Staying on Christ after leaving gatherings like these is difficult and requires more effort but fighting to stay on Christ is a good fight! Nobody preaches the gospel who has not suffered some terrible lack. Saving us from competitive spirit is a great help for us, which we must not let go of. The soul has alarming tendencies; it is the gospel of Christ that bridles and saves it. Coming into truth is not easy; you can have knowledge and not come into truth. Knowing the Bible and knowing the Truth is not the same thing. Gifts of the Spirit are not stature of truth. Utterance also does not equate stature. The yardstick in the Spirit for apportioning dominion is truth; not gifts of the Spirit. What will deal with the dragon is the judgment of Truth.

Faithful keeping of the gospel of the appearance of the Lord is what will make Him appear. Though Satan goes after souls who love God’s appearance, God is able to grant strength to ensure that the transfer to the next generation is complete. Times of appearance bear witness that the Lord has been with us before those moments. There are times of restitution of all things that will prepare us for the things that God has in store for us. We need to be able to sustain what God is saying now; this calls for prayers from our homes till we become a city of truth. Daily hearing of these words will cause judgment to alight on the earth. I believe we have to pray to God for these things and not leave it for ministers as if they have the magic; this is the warfare of humanity. The reign of Truth in our days MUST be foremost in our prayers. Our prayers for the government  should go beyond them doing well to help for enabling an atmosphere of truth reigning in our days. The growth of truth across all borders is signal that the Kingdom of God is coming to us.

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