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The Name of His Blessing: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke


 BECON 2017: Day 7 Evening Session

Minister: Rev Kayode Oyegoke

Text: Luke 1:70-73

According to our text, our enemies are divided into two. They are our enemies, and those who hate us. Enemies are the forces of sin and those who hate us speaks of the forces of death. There is a way these enemies hold men captives of fear. These enemies were once beings of the heavens who corrupted the nature they had within them when they fell. In order for men to serve God properly, men have to be delivered from the fear that these enemies propagate.

The angels in the most holy place are priests. Anyone who is privileged to have access into the Most Holy Place is a priest. When the angels fell with Lucifer they became serpents and scorpions as a result of the curse placed on them. These are beings who constitute wickedness in the heights and can assess the souls. They are called evil birds — spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wickedness is the highest title of evil. The Antichrist in the book of Thessalonians is referred to as the wicked one. There is an overcoming which is by faith and there is also the overcoming of the wicked one. They are hateful birds who perpetrate death. Enemies are those who push the culture of sin. Sin in men is being pushed by spirits. If one is wicked, it is the work of wicked ones. The highest level of sin is hate. To hate something is to take an oath against it. We cannot go back to things we hate. Spiritual wickedness have a stature of hate and as such, they cannot love. Satan changed the nature of Love he had within himself to hate. To do this he had to completely conquer the love stature he once possessed.

Satan and the Antichrist are wicked spirits who understand the will of God. They are able to decode dark sayings and corrupt them. The most dangerous thing about these beings is not necessarily the obvious evil they do but their inward nature. Satan did an inward working on the Antichrist and will deliver all his powers to him in the fullness of time. The heads of the dragon bear the name of blasphemy, while the crowns speak of the unleashing of the powers. Though he had seven heads and ten horns, which speak of the unleashing of his powers, he could not fulfill his agenda of death, because he did not have a body to operate with. In Revelation 13, the seven heads are crowns upon a man. Satan was slowed down, because he did not have a body, but in the beast, he found a man whom he could trust to bear his image and the name of blasphemy. The greatest thing about the beast is his stature, because it is a result of Satan’s working within him. Satan is determined to kill men to the uttermost just the same way Jesus is determined to save to the uttermost. Satan will give all his powers to the beast. In Revelation 12, we read about the dragon — a being of the most holy place that had become a hateful bird.

The one who has totally departed from God or taken an oath to be eternally separated from God is the wicked one (Revelation 13:2). When something is hateful, it is wicked (2 Thessalonians 2:8). When someone is hateful, he is wicked. The highest level of sin is hate. To hate something is to take an oath. It is difficult to turn back to whatever you hate. It was Satan’s stature that turned to hate, because he succeeded in conquering the stature of Love he had completely. Someone is blocking the full revelation of sin (2 Thessalonians 2:7). There is a sense in which it is true that the Holy Spirit is preventing the Antichrist but He (the Holy Spirit) will not be taken out of the Way as have been taught by some people.

The red pigment of the dragon is the colour of death (Revelation 12:1). Comparing this with the colour of Elohim, who is both Jasper and Sardine in colour says something. That the Jasper and Sardine stones are red in colour shows that both the beast and dragon are the opposite of God. That name of blasphemy comprises many names. The woman on the beast was arrayed in purple and scarlet apparel. Her original colour was purple, but by virtue of the adulteration of the beast, she had on scarlet. That is what happens to the world. Her purple apparel is changing to scarlet. That woman symbolises the system of this world.

What the devil wanted to achieve by tempting Jesus was to change his apparel (Matthew 4:1-11). In other words, he wanted to kill Him. Whoever fellowships with the world system will get her purple raiment. This name of blasphemy is already rising. The world trains the soul with abomination and then hands it over to blasphemy. If you are worldly, you will be affected by the influx of unclean spirits. The greatest treasure of Babylon are souls (Revelation 18:13). She prides herself on her ability to house souls and taunts Zion for her desolation (which is temporary), but the scripture that says “many are the children of the barren woman” (Isaiah 54:1) is coming to pass. Zion is travailing, because her time has come to bear children. The Body of Christ will be raised, because God will raise Zion and cleanse her seed.

The woman on the beast is the mystery of iniquity, while the beast is the mystery of death. This constitutes what the Lord calls the unclean. The only thing that can cleanse the soul from Babylon is Truth. This is why Jesus prayed, “Sanctify them by THY TRUTH; thy WORD IS TRUTH” (John 17:17). Truth is the word of GOD, not just any message from the Bible. Ministers must master the discipline of staying within scriptures. Every other message outside the Bible is not only low; it is iniquity. The truth is the incorruptible word, which lives and abides forever (1 Peter 1:23).

The soul is purified by “obedience to the truth” (1 Peter 1:22). This is why unclean and evil spirits fight your obedience to the truth. This love of the brethren is CHARITY, not the love you exercise to the brethren before the eyes of your understanding become enlightened. You cannot arrive at CHARITY without having obeyed Truth. Without the pure heart that faith teaches, no one can obey CHARITY, which is greater than both Hope and Faith. There is a dimension of Christ that is called FAITH; without this, you will NOT find CHARITY (Ephesians 3:17).

Without having obeyed the faith of the Son of God, whatever LOVE the soul exhibits cannot be trusted. This is the highest love in the holy place also called PEACE. This is a realm higher than righteousness. When Satan sees that the soul has moved into the realm of charity, HATE begins to define his operation towards the believer. You cannot turn from the truth and go back to who you used to be; you will turn into something worse. These spirits expose the soul to words that separate it from God.

The end point of our deliverance from the fear that our enemies teach is service (Luke 1:74-75). Without having developed stature, no soul will be able to resist the name of the beast. This is the end of the present labour before the beats arises upon the earth. The Bible teaches us that the world will wonder at the beast when he arises upon the earth. As a result of this, his image will find a way into the hearts of men.

The beast will be so preached until his image is formed in the hearts and souls of men. In this way,  he will replace God in the lives of many people. The immunity of the church against this operation is  the name of God. This is why, from the Old Testament, the work of the priests is to put His name upon Israel (Numbers 6:24-26). Putting the name of God upon His people involves consistent teaching of the face of God via Grace and Peace. Grace must be taught till we become like Christ, full of Grace and Truth. This is how we get delivered from the evil name which evil spirits perpetuate.

This dimension of wickedness is worse than witchcraft, because you need a high level of discernment to detect it. The fear in the souls of men is often fueled by a lack that only shepherds can supply. This fear is that which makes us live outside of divine principles. God is raising shepherds who will take fear out the heart of men by feeding the flock. This fear oftentimes revolve around taking thought for one’s life, what to eat, drink and put on. Believers will be in bondage as long as this fear remains intact. Unfortunately, much of the meals served across the Body of Christ today services fear in the hearts of men. The only faith that can defeat fear is what is in the Son.

This fear does not respect your exploits. That is why God had to say to Abraham, “Fear not” after he had defeated the five kings in his days (Genesis 15:1). God’s answer to Abraham was giving him Himself as a shield and his exceeding great reward, which are Faith and Love. He was made to give birth at nearly a  hundred years old to take him beyond the boundaries of fear. God sees fear in our hearts that has been secreted; this fear is what has kept our souls in bondage. It is this fear that makes us take thoughts for our lives.

We are coming into a season in which Zion will fear no more, because the Lord will surround His people as the mountains surround Jerusalem (Psalm 125:2). The season of performance is here and the power for execution is being delivered. The sin we commit is in fear; it makes us plan for our lives and consequently offend God. God, who is the Alpha and Omega, is terminating our fears. It is not possible to walk with God without inheriting His properties. This is how Enoch ceased to be; he walked with God beyond the boundaries and borders of time. In this season, death is swallowed up in victory as God takes many of His people.

The answer to death in the soul is the spirit of His mouth and the brightness of His coming. These are the things that destroy the effect of false teaching in the soul and immune the soul against fear. We are declaring the day of the vengeance of our God, as we co-operate with Him against the fear that the adversary has sown in our souls for “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, power and sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

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