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Day 7 Evening Session

Ministering: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

Text: Deuteronomy 10.

The book of Deuteronomy was written in the plains of Moab and used to prepare Israel for the Promised Land. The land was unique because it was said that, “it devours the inhabitants thereof” (Numbers 13:32). The book contains admonitions on how to relate to the land. Moses told Israel, “Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God is one (Deut. 6:4)” but the Jews misunderstood it. This “oneness” speaks of unity; not unitary. God is Three in One. The breakthroughs we will have, in the coming days, are about seeing God in His various dimensions. The soul must come into a deeper dimension of God’s love before the deep things of God’s knowledge can be ministered to him. The revelation of God began to come to Israel at the plains of Moab where the Promised Land was not far away. The promised land was full of giants which intimated Israel.

The dimension of God’s name that is revealed in the wilderness is Jehovah. The names of God that Abraham and the patriarchs related to was El-shaddai; not Jehovah. The name of the land is God Almighty. It was in the land that Melchizedek, the priest of the most high God came to him. All the three fathers operated the name of God but their children operated Jehovah. Abraham encountered a priest of that name. Melchizedek is a son of God in that order; he knew the covenant. He must have been before Abraham, he entered a sphere where he couldn’t be reckoned with after the order of man. He was a priest of the most high God. Job and his friends were also priests of this order; they knew the Almighty (Job 22:3, 21-23, 32:8).

When you begin to touch Elohim, you see El-shaddai and El-yon. Balaam also operated this covenant which was a shade above what Israel handled. The covenant was passed down from Abraham to Jacob but they forgot when they got into Egypt. God had to raise Moses to teach him again. He who has a covenant of Jehovah is lower than he who has the covenant of the Almighty God yet, He is the same God. When the Lord is your light, he takes you from a child to a son who can now learn the Almighty. It takes sons to learn the Almighty. They learnt Jehovah in the wilderness but the new generation Joshua raised learnt the Almighty.

The Aaronic covenant was lower than the Melchizedek covenant. God Almighty protects God! That is His treasure. He does not just give it to anyone; it is His glory. It will take God the Father to make us to know God Almighty. So when Jesus is bringing us to the Father, He wants Him to communicate the Almighty to us. Jesus has inherited Him; that is why “His name shall be called wonderful, everlasting Father(Isaiah 9:6). When something is wonderful, it is in the most holy place. Wonders are in the most holy place.

When you touch the realm of oath, you will not be able to turn. The word of oath seals the soul unto salvation. (James 1:17). God can never be tempted and Satan knows this. Those things that makes God incapable of turning and unwavering are His good and perfect lights. The Cherubim are the custodian of God the Father’s oath.  The Father’s oath is kept secret and can only be unveiled by His love. This love opens a man to a realm that angels can never experience. Things of God were transferred into Jesus from the Father in the wilderness. At Jordan, Jesus pleased God because He had walked by faith. Israel inherited Jehovah while their fathers inherited Elohim.

The Father has two lights; one that will make you the son of God the Father and the other the son of God Almighty. Jesus said, “in My Father’s house are many mansions” (John 14:2-3); those mansions are abodes of God. God became the Father of our Jesus Christ before He became His God (Ephesians 1:1-3). God fathers children in the holy place, after which they are prepared for the most Holy place. There are types and shadow of fatherhood in the Old Testament. Cherubs are entities of the most Holy place who have abilities to operate in the holy place as well.

Cherubim are God’s sons by reason of stature but Christ Jesus is His begotten Son! God the Father has ordained that sons of His hand should worship the Son of His bosom and His face. The promise of God to us as His habitation entails many promises (2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1). The incorruptible word of God has abilities to make the soul live and abide. To live is to be raised and to abide is to be quickened. What makes the Quickening Spirit so is not its ability to quicken; it is Who He is.  It is good to live but it is perfect to love. To be quick is to be faster, swifter and better, operating in perfect strength and light. God is the Quick One. Cherubs excel in strength because they are quick; Satan is not as quick as he used to be because of sin and iniquity within him.

God is not just interested in making us live; He wants us to abide. God is not only interested in making us strong; He also wants us to excel in strength. When you walk by the knowledge of the Son, you have strength but when you walk by the knowledge of the Father, you have excellent strength. God can be the Judge of all because of His quickening ability. The reasoning ability and thoughts of God are swifter, sharper and faster. He wants to give us judgment and the ability to think as He does. When God wants to execute judgment, it is to manifest the perimeters of His judgment.

The judgment of God is the love of God. There is an interplay of faith and love on the path to the fullness of God.  Love is the nature of obedience that CAN NEVER refuse God. Love seeketh not its own (1 Cor. 13:5); to love is to lose oneself. This is our Promised Land and our land to contend for and take. When love is seated in our hearts, we will see clearly. God is calling us to the realm of love that is higher than our minds. Our Promised Land is God but in Him but there are divisions in Him that need the Urim and Thumim for apportioning. God is the Shepherd of Israel; whoever He raises will automatically be a shepherd also. Satan fights shepherds because he used to be one. Jesus is the first begotten Son of God meaning He is the One in Whom the God can walk, rest and thunder seamlessly, without any impediment. This is our calling and ultimate destiny.


  1. Tochukwu oyi says:

    Such a blessing

    1. Bola Bello says:

      Deep and highly spiritual.  The content is able to make mortal to walk in the realm of the almightiness of the Father.  Thank you Sir.

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