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The Priesthood of Christ: Pastor Tayo Ladejo


BECON 2017: Day 7 Morning Session 

Minister I: Pastor Tayo Ladejo

Text: Hebrews 7:1-4, 11.

The Levitical and Aaronic priesthood is not what God originally wanted. It was there to foreshadow the very intention of God, as touching priesthood. God, however, waved Melchizedek as the very kind of priesthood that He desires. It is by this priesthood, which was never ordained by man, that we can connect to the realm of God. The  Melchizedek priesthood is powered by righteousness, which is an outflow of the nature of God. This implies that we cannot have righteousness without a dealing with God. It is an expression of the salvation of our souls. Righteousness means right-standing with God, which gives us the right to relate with God and operate in the realm of the spirit.

There are two phases of righteousness. The first is righteousness which we have as a result of that which Christ has done. The other is that which is worked within us as a result of active participation in and co-operation with the dealings of God in our souls. The latter is a function of obedience and righteousness, which demands that we do the will of God to be righteous. The other feature of the Melchizedek priesthood is Peace. It is this peace of God that inundates us with God’s presence. It is our response to the righteous standard of God. We enter the Kingdom of God through Peace.

The reason the Old Testament priesthood became obsolete is that it was incapable of removing corruption from man and overcoming death. It could not achieve God’s ultimate aim, which is perfection. We all as God’s children are priests. The New Birth has engrafted us into the priesthood of Christ, and this is expressed  basically in intercession. Regardless of where we are at in our journey with God, He sees us as His representatives to bring His will to pass. As true as this is, there is a futuristic tone with which the Bible describes our priesthood, which makes it the outcome of a process that is initiated by God.

The process of our spiritual maturity culminates in sonship, which also leads to inheritance. The Bible, for instance, says “we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places, (Ephesians 2:6)” but never said, “we are set at the right hand of the Majesty on high” (Hebrews 8:1). The only One that the latter is said about is Jesus Christ. The word, “set” is from a Greek word which means “to be settled and established” or “to stand as the reference point”. This means that, forever, Jesus is our reference point. When a man is under authority, you will have the discernment to escape evil spirits, which seek to control men. Any man who says he does not need any man to speak over them is already being spoken over by Satan. Jesus, our example, recognized and submitted to constituted authority all His life.

While we are mentored, discipled and fathered by men that God brings across us, Christ must remain our reference point. The purpose of priesthood goes beyond exercising authority over the works of the devil; it is our submission to God. Priesthood goes beyond praying and interceding; it speaks of our being bound to God. Jesus, being our reference point, is our evidence that reality in God is attainable. The right hand, where Jesus is set at, is a place of approval and the highest form of government in the realm of the spirit. We can only identify with the authority of the right hand of the majesty on High by internalising Christ. We must be full partakers of His life. This implies that we must be open to learning and beholding Christ. When we are tested by that which is revealed of the Lord, we partake of His life.

Being set down at the right hand of the majesty on High takes a process. The word “throne” is taken from a Greek word that means the “sage seat” of Divinity. Overcomers will have their names engraved on this throne (Revelation 3:21). The purpose of priesthood is our engrafting into the government of God. It is Grace that makes us able to bear up under the power of God. The word testimony is from the word “marturion”, which means “martyr”. God makes witnesses by taking them through the furnace of affliction to the intent that they may become one with God. paul spoke to Timothy to boldly identify with him, God’s prisoner. The word, “prisoner” means “a captive to God’s will”. At this point, our commitment to God’s will is second to none.

Unfortunately, some believers will die without ever acknowledging the purpose of God for them. This purpose of God is both ageless and worked out by His Grace. We have been given the privilege to partake of His purpose, which has been given to us before time began. This should instruct us that our very existence, as believers, exceed time. The source of our lives can be traced back to the very beginning when only God was (Genesis 1:1). This is the arrangement which God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are incorporating us into. That is the purpose of priesthood. The word that drives the beginning when God alone was, is immortality.

That God brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel (2 Timothy 1:7-10) is that it is by the revelation of Jesus that the secret of overcoming death will be known. Our obedience to this revelation is what makes up our salvation. The coming of the Lord is from the word, “parousia”, which means “the nearness of the Lord”. This implies that without Him coming in us, He will not come for us. This coming of the Lord within us will make us finer and come out brighter. Without Him coming to us, we will not witness or experience His appearing.

The Lord wants us to come into Glory. The word appearing is called “Epiphany”, which means the “conspicuous coming of the Lord”. We are going to have several moments of Epiphany, but before we do, we must be consistently saved in our souls. What we lead us into Glory is Epiphany. It is mercy that will help in bringing us into Glory, not fasting or any spiritual exercise. Fasting fulfills its actual purpose when it comes to being saved in our souls consistently. A very important component of our priesthood is the revelation of Jesus; this is what engrafts us into His Priesthood.

A minister is an officiating servant appointed to publicly dispense Holy Things. This is the kind of ministers we are called to be: Servant-Ministers (Hebrews 8:1). ”Servant” is not a title; it means to be selfless (i.e relegating one’s own interest). We are meant to disseminate holy things, and this is not limited to having pulpit ministries. In our families, we are meant to be disseminating holy things

Actually, the Church starts from the family, which is smallest unit of the Church. We are the teaching priests of our families. Money should not be our preoccupation; rather the dispensing of holy things should be our quest. Disseminating God must also find expression in our places of work. If this is within us, it will absolutely come out, but if it is not within us, regardless of our titles, we cannot give God to people. This is why we have to be raised, for we have been called to be ministers of the Sanctuary. There are so many five-fold ministers that do not minister in the Sanctuary; they are Outer Court ministers, because they cannot dispense holy things. The reason we have to give great attention to being raised is due to where we are heading to.

We must be determined at all times to do the bidding of God, even if we make mistakes in our initial attempts. Mistakes are not valid enough to stop us from continuing in our quest to know God. Our private ministry of nurturing the spiritual hunger in our hearts, seeking to know the Lord, submitting to His Will must come take precedence over our public ministry of preaching to people in this Priesthood.

Hebrews 8:3-7 tells of our covenant being established on better promises: a covenant of Life and Immortality. The priesthood of Jesus is not easy to attain. As a matter of fact, one gets disqualified first before he gets qualified. Our only hope is to be engrafted into the priesthood which entails loving right and hating evil. What God approves of is what He coordinates, more reason we should walk according to pattern. The Lord is working on our hearts to break us and make us malleable. God is interested in how we respond to Him than what we do. To raise us, he is going to bring us round people who will despise us and look down on us to teach us meekness. He is going to bring us under people who do not seem to have enough knowledge that we think we have to teach us humility. When we are being broken, it becomes easy for the strength of God to take us over.

God is making us into a people who listen when the He is sounding His Will from any quarter. The only time we will not hear is if it is sounded by another spirit. God rejected a generation and its order of priesthood, because it could not launch the Church into the priesthood He desired and, as a result, it cannot bring the Church into perfection. We will operate in the spectacular dimensions of God’s power but will not do it without the intention of God as revealed by His Will.  The New Testament speaks of our departure from the World. Where we are pressing to is the Promised Land, which represents Eternal Life (the Fullness of God) and Immortality. Though we enjoy healing and some other faith experiences, they are NOT our emphasis. Our focus is God and He remains God, whether or not He does what we want.

Our abundance does not validate His being God, neither does our lack. For us to fulfill the essence of this New Covenant and come into the Fullness of this Priesthood, we need to internalize the standard of God, which comes by exposure to teaching ministries that emphasize Christ. This is how the Law of God is written in our hearts. When this Law is fully written, we would have become one with the testimony. We are to know and do the Truth. God wants to consecrate us. We will know the Lord and by God’s help, we will raise men that will know the Lord. They will be so in tune with the Law of God that they will be able to detect a strange fire, when it is brought into the house. Mercy is in charge of dethroning the sin nature in us. We must therefore position ourselves for Mercy. The Counsel and Will of God is attainable, because of the Revelation of the Truth. Sometimes we see how powerful the enemy is but we should be reminded that he has been defeated in Christ.

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