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Unveiling The Mystery Of God Through His Name: Rev. Ken Igbinedion


BECON 2017: Day 7 Morning Session

Minister: Rev. Ken Igbinedion

Text: Hebrews 2:10

There are things that are locked up in us that God wants to unveil. This is why the scripture says, “then we shall know if we follow on to know the Lord” (Hosea 6:3). This is what we are being called into. We are called to follow on to know. Unfortunately, we have a church who only follow God to get. We must not use any other means to get people to church because what we use to bring them in is what we will use to sustain them. The Church is not a recreational center but the ground and pillar of Truth. Jesus said, “Learn of me” (Matthew 11:28); this learning is not about studying Christian Religious Knowledge.

As the first generation ended, the Old Testament, two names were mentioned again in the New out of that order: Jesus and Emmanuel. Jesus is not a New Testament name; he was actually the last prophet of the Old Testament. Jesus had His own, who were the Jews; we (Gentiles) only became relevant because they rejected Him. Jesus was the name given by the hand of an angel to Mary that He should be called but prophecies called him ‘Emmanuel’. Jesus ended a race; after reading through the scroll, he confirmed that a new day was dawning.

We can learn from John how to be a true witness. The beginning of which is to know what we are not, as John answered those who asked him if he was the christ that He is not (John 1:20-21). When Jesus got to the Jordan, the heavens opened and a voice came and declared who He is, thus validating the ministry of John. The name Jesus ended a realm and Emmanuel began another. In this Testament, there will not be the need for the Ark again because God will be amidst His people, expressing Himself freely.  

Priesthood is a function of names. Jesus came that His function might be unveiled and His Father be declared in the midst of His Brethren. The name of the Lord is not just nomenclature, it has a voice. The  Bible also calls it a strong tower (Proverbs 18:10). When God speaks to us, He speaks of Himself but when we speak, we speak of the things we have learnt. The name that is painted to man is what he races towards. Jesus came to declare His name and that is what we should also race after. Take for instance the entire Old Testament, it is summarized as Moses, which is Name. that is why Paul said, “even now, when Moses is read” (2 Corinthians 3:15) and by that made reference to the Old Testament. Whenever this Testament is read, there is always a veil on the people’s hearts. That is why hearts need to turn to the Lord.

What make people give their all for a course is a name, which offers hope to the soul. When the name of the Lord is fully painted, we will sell all that we have to get into His name. In the name is the unraveling of His promise. That is why Hebrews 3:15 tells us of the day of provocation when hearts were hardened. In this day, God wants our hearts to be turned to Him because he is writing on our hearts so we can bear the Testimony. The things Jesus suffered are things brought to Him by the way of God that He chose to walk in (Hebrews 5:8). It is called suffering because the soul is learning a way of life that is not his.

Unfortunately for many believers, their inability to discern the hand of God in their affairs make them seek deliverance from issues that should have taught them the way of the Lord. No one, who has not been taught the name of the Lord, can know mysteries. Take for instance, the obtaining of a university degree. There are courses attached to obtaining names. The process of obtaining the name implies finishing the syllabus of the courses attached to it. The first Person who finished the syllabus of every course attached to the name of God the Father is Jesus Christ.

Lack of understanding what the syllabus is about makes a man move without direction. This is why God has to keep writing on our souls. That way, the ink of the Spirit is smeared upon our soul till we arrive at a point where we become exactly who He wants us to be. The process of engraving this writing of the Lord on our souls might is not painless but the end is beautiful. This beauty will make God pleased with us.

It was important for the disciples to keep on believing in Jesus as he performed the miracles in the gospels. Those miracles were categorized under signs and wonders. Signs are pointers and wonders are works of God’s sovereignty. If a pastor teaches anything other than Christ to the people under him, he just expressed the Antichrist spirit. If Christ is not preached, He will not be formed in people. There is need for us to come and keep coming to Christ for understanding to be established. If we know God, He will put His name on us.

We must, however, be careful of the things we get ourselves exposed to, while this writing is taking place. We often do not make progress because of the things we get exposed to in the movies we see and books we read. In the days of adversity when you come under pressure, you will only be able to pull things out from your own recesses. As we learn Christ, we will know the Father. We cannot bypass Him and think we will arrive at the God, the Father. We must find skill to harness every resource of truth to aid our journey and movement towards God.

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