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Ministering: Pastor Tayo Ladejo

Text: 1 John 4:7

“Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”

The will of God is the apostolic template of the church. Our lives MUST exemplify the truth of God’s word. We must DAILY give up our will for the will of God. As the will of man gives way, the will of God is enthroned. Be faithful in Christ. Being FAITHFUL implies an allegiance that comes out of the conviction of faith. It also connotes consistencies. God is seeking men who will not collapse under the first assault of Satan. Faith towards God is always wrongly attributed towards materiality. It is the means through which the benefits of our redemption are appropriated. It is the carnal mind that idolizes materialism; not faith towards God. Everyone who preaches salvation of the soul is a preacher of Kingdom prosperity. True Kingdom prosperity gives foremost place to the abolition of death in our members and the will of God being done in our body. Faith is the path and Love is the Life. We have been commanded to love one another.

Loving is NOT being nice; sometimes Love denies. Love does NOT compromise principles; it DOES NOT condone lawlessness. The Love that does NOT say “NO” is not true Love. Being born again means “re-generation”. The salvation of the soul strips the soul of corruption, which is a nature of the fallen man. When this begins to happen, our souls become being born of God; then the soul is capable of loving. What triggers the salvation of the soul is the knowledge of God which is not only revelational but also relational. There is a BIG difference in having knowledge ABOUT God and having knowledge OF God. Absence of God’s knowledge is evidence that the soul has not fellowshipped with God, in intimate knowledge, long enough. The New Birth is glorious but it is NOT designed to be the destination for believers for it is the beginning of our integration into the divinity while the salvation of the soul is the initiation of our integration into divinity.

Materials of our redemption are transferred to us by the utterances of the Father. We are not coming into God’s eternal plan if His word is not sanctifying us daily. Jesus was declared to be the Son of God by the spirit of holiness because we need consecration to arrive here. Resurrection means we are raised to Life. There is a difference between the power of creation and the power of resurrection. The power of creation exists on different planes because it sustains different kinds of life. Healing the sick is a sign that follow the commission; not the commission. Signs and wonders are witnesses of the gospel; we MUST learn to keep them as such.

The discipline of nations with the gospel is the commission and goal; keep it before your eyes! Bondservants are those who are dead to their personal interests and agenda. Sonship is not by the accumulation of knowledge; it is by passing the test of knowledge that comes to you. Never let your desire for God’s knowledge become satiated; you need all of it that you can get. You must hunger for more of HIM and understand that becoming a bondservant is a noble call.

The major conflict of our time is human versus divine will. Sometimes, landmarks in the spirit are not marked by encounters. The coming of the Lord means the appearance of the Lord and His coming into brightness (Jude 15). Beware of premature exposure. Submission to authority CANNOT be overemphasized. It is important to have a heart that will not break protocols, regardless of what happens. Let us also purpose, in our hearts, that relationships will NOT be ruined because of us.

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