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Day 7 Morning Session

Ministering: Pastor Ayo Jeje

Ministry is not about speaking; it is about obedience and timing. It is not about how much you can display lest you become a performer. One of the things that God will rid the church of, in these days, is the spirit of entertainment. If you are courteous and open, then you have a future. If it is only God that can access you and men can’t, you are doomed! It does not matter how rich your relationship with the Lord is, you still need someone to speak to you. The food of the soul is light that births life; not noise. If you do not have someone you obey, you are in trouble. Knowledge is not just revelational; it is relational. The essence of ordination is fruitfulness. God is not interested in doing something that will be short-lived. What God wants to do is more about Him than it is about you. He has a greater stake in fulfilling His promise in your life than you do.

Fear is a monster that lurks in the heart of the high and mighty and still drags them down. In our relationship with God, light is not often the issue; sight is the issue. Light is constant but sight is the variable. It is in the New Testament order that the thoughts of God and those of men are synchronized into one. The idea of sonship within the Godhead was not about God; it was about Man. The major confidence of Satan is his age; he is called “that old serpent” (Revelation 12:9; 20:2). Sonship is an eternal purpose in the heart of God. Jesus is a secret code in the heart of God to reveal His Fatherhood to creation. God’s mind is FULL of man.

This is shown in the fact that when angels fell, their fates were sealed but when man fell, God had to become man to redeem him. That is why it is written, “What is man that thou art mindful of him; or the son of man that thou visitest him?” (Psalm 8). There is the stirring of a Pentecost; it is the feast of a visitation for the final Harvest. God orders the feast of the Son through the Passover after which the Ingathering is observed. Rain and thundering are major things that accompany these feasts.

The only dimension of the Father that can interface with Him accurately is His Son. Thunders help you to know the mood of the Father (1 Samuel 12:17). We MUST not deny our humanity; therein lies one of the greatest destinies. The conclusion of which is that God will make us an extension of who He is. That is why His light is sufficient to transport us into the kind of being that the Father wants us to be. The beast in Daniel 7 prevailed over the saints because he had a greater stature (Daniel 7:20). Our greatness lies in our sight; not our size. Satan’s chief instrument of warfare is now some kinds of light, which in God’s light is darkness.

We live in a time when the speakings of the enemy has so matched our speakings that the only way it can be revealed is when it is traced to the origin. The final instrument of dominion is judgment. Except we come to possess the eyes of the Ancient of days, this world will wrestle us to a standstill. The time for us to mature in judgment is here. We must learn to scrutinize and evaluate men with the eyes of the Ancient One. It is NOT cerebral knowledge; it is a result of the visitation of the Lord. Judgment will bring us to superior wisdom; make our hearts fertile because the time of fruitfulness is come. How dependent you are as a believer is how mature you are.


  1. nogwaro meshach says:

    This is a great blessing. We need healing of our sight.

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