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Discerning Good and Evil by the Strong Meat Part 3

Ministering: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke
Text: Genesis 3; 22-24; John 14;6

That God put cherubims and a flaming sword to guard/keep the way to the tree of life means that there is a way without which the tree of Life cannot be accessed. God had promised Adam that he will be like He is; the fulfilment of that promise was found in the Tree of Life but he ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Now, the way to the tree of Life is in Christ (John 14:6, Genesis 3:24). The essence of the flaming sword and the cherubims is to securely keep the path such that if you escape one, you will not escape the other. They keep the way so that man will not come to the tree of Life (Rev. 21:1).

The teaching of the faith of the Son will help you assess the Bible. In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and seas. As God decked the earth, He had to separate waters from waters. The gathering of the waters He called “seas”, not rivers. Rivers is an outflow from the belly of the earth but sea was created together with the earth. God used the sea to lay foundation for the earth (Psalm 24).

The waters was first formed to create the earth. The foundation of the earth is water. Heavens and the earth were created together. It is not easy to use water as foundation no earthly man can do that. It is the Lord that is teaching us, this must be clearly understood. The Earth is not just land, it is the space and it belongs to the middle realm between the height and depth. The earth space is beyond your understanding of what the scripture calls land.

God told Adam that if he ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil he would be like them by having sight beyond the ordinary. There is a physical path to the tree of life but in the New Testament the order has changed. The path to the tree of life is the Son.

The difference between sea and river is that rivers flow while seas submerge together. The earth was first formed to lay the earth and the foundation of the earth is waters. It is not easy to use water as foundation but God did it. Earth is not land, even though scientists call it so.

The first thing God created was height and depth. It is into this depth, which is called the bottomless pit that Satan will be cast. Heaven is in the heights, Hell is in the depth. The earth was created to fill a void that had nothing within it. Spirit beings live in heaven and beings, with our bodies live on the earth while offenders reside in Hell, which is the limitation of spirit beings. Satan perpetuates Hell wherever he goes because his nature is hellish. Hell is the home of whoever has the nature of sin. Our optical eyes cannot sight heaven from the earth because it is spiritual.

According to the  order of creation, God separated the light from darkness by time, allocating a day to the creation of each of his creature. Materials for making heaven was used to divide the waters and by this division, there were waters above and beneath. The firmament which was above the waters He called heaven. It is the waters above that give the firmament/sky the blue/azure colour that it has. Those waters, however, cannot be travelled by any man. Even the stars are below them.

The galaxy and its planetary bodies are such a vast field of knowledge that can engage a soul for a lifetime. This notwithstanding, God is not opening us up to that knowledge but the knowledge of Himself. The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil leans on and depends on what God has made (Rom. 1:19-20). Holding the truth in unrighteousness is turning away from the knowledge of the Creator. Truth is God the Father and the Son. Learning stars, stones and gases is not learning the Truth.

Learning the truth about things created for personal gain and not to connect the Creator makes one a holder of the truth in unrighteousness. Things created all speak of the invisible things of God, which are His eternal Power and Godhead. When man studies creation, he arrives at a knowledge that is at variance with the knowledge of God because recent developments in the field of science has separated creation from the Creator.

The generation that was described in Rom. 1:19-21 were men who had creation as their Bible. The knowledge they had access to is lost because God has allowed His knowledge to be documented in writings. This is why attempts by man to arrive at God’s knowledge outside that which is written will lead man into something else. A time is coming, however, when creation will be taught by the light of the Creator. This light, which Jesus had, is why He could teach things that pertain to the eternal power and Godhead with creation.

The knowledge, which the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil supplies is that which has made man amass knowledge without arriving at the knowledge of the Creator. This tree creates a need, which is not the real need of a man. It teaches man to take thought for his life, clothes, food, etc because it is programmed to create a need that will take man away from God. Jesus, at birth, had the stature of Adam in the Garden of Eden. this is why He could not be hurt in the wilderness even though there were wild beasts there.

There are people who employ charms to tame animals; that is not God’s power given to Adam. the exercise of the authority that God conferred upon man employs the will of the animal in submission. The stature of Adam, in the spirit, turns every wild animal into domestic ones because creation answers to it. The teaching of Jesus concerning not taking thought for life lifts us above our carnal needs, which are creations of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil (Matt. 6:25-33). That tree has its way of creating and meeting needs. We need God because whenever the world solves your problems, it will not solve it well. The breakthroughs of science are not excellent.

The eternal power of God is Christ. God cannot be known outside His power. The season that makes men inexcusable because of the abundance of the knowledge of God’s eternal power is coming back again. The essence of God’s eternal power is to make men walk in God’s power and inherit Him. The generation concerning which Rom. 1:19-21 was written were men who employed their will in becoming vain in their imagination because they chose not to retain God in their knowledge. Men like this are those in the so-called advanced nations. They delved so much into creation that they concluded that there is no God.

It is stupidity to say there is no God because He exists in a plane that is beyond the reach of every rational and irrational argument. The profession of the men who lived after Adam was their gods. An example of this is Cain, who left God’s presence and founded a city.  What gave such men confidence to do what they did was the seed of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Many of the nations that have become like this are those who set the Bible aside and chose to live their lives by theories of knowledge, propounded by men and institutions.

Satan, by the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, introduced man into a thinking pattern that seeks to cater for himself. “Changing the truth of God into a lie” (Rom. 1:25) and worshipping the creature are things that man will fall into if he drops from the knowledge of God. A lot of people serve God casually but serve the creature/creation more. These men do not have time for God. Even though creation still has semblance of God’s knowledge, we need to know that corruption has hijacked it.

Abstaining from academic knowledge is not the way  out; the way out is insulation by God’s knowledge as believers learn creation. This is what will keep the soul from falling into the error of worshipping creation much more than the Creator. If well understood, a pure teaching of creation will marry men to the Creator. The time is coming when men will learn God from the things He has created. We all are expressions of God and everything He has made all speak of Him, in varying degrees.

When a man leaves God, he is given over to vile affections; this is the origin of lesbianism, homosexuality, etc. These sins invaded the earth when the knowledge of God became absent. When you take away the knowledge of God from man, he becomes an animal/ a beast. The only thing that can keep a man is God’s knowledge. This is why schooling and acquiring academic knowledge alone is not enough for man to be who he was made to be. This is what gave birth to the things we see in Rom. 1:29-31.

The words of John that “and there was no more sea” is the removal of a veil that hangs between the heavens and the earth (Rev 21:1). The New Heaven and the New earth will be without a veil so that those who  abide on earth will have direct access to Heaven. In Chapter 21 of Revelation, John described the arrival of the city of God, which is the New Jerusalem while Revelation 22 speaks of its inward configuration. The throne of God will move from Heaven to abide in this city. This city is different from the current heavenly Jerusalem.

Angels are those who make up the current heavenly Jerusalem (Heb. 12:22-23). God’s desire, however, is to have men as His city. This city is the building that is set on a hill that Jesus spoke about (Matt. 5:14). God will move into the New Jerusalem (which will be made of men) from the current Jerusalem, which is the city of angels. It is important that you migrate from being a carnal believer into a spiritual believer. This is what it means that “your names are written in heaven” (Luk. 10:20).

A believer whose names are written in heaven is one who does exploits greater than casting out demons, healing the sick and raising the dead. The exploits is overcoming of the spirits resident in heavenly places, who do not want believers to become heavenly (Eph. 6:12). Whenever a man is changing and taking up the nature of the Lord, he is becoming heavenly. The New Jerusalem is a company of men who have been made so much better than angels. Changing our nature and writing our names in heaven is what should become our obsession on earth.

The responsibility of writing your name in heaven is yours.This is why you must walk in the Spirit, out of the flesh. Our walk in the Spirit is our pilgrimage.  We are not living true of the name “pilgrims” if we walk in the flesh (1 Pet. 2:11). You cannot be a partaker of the Tree of Life if you are not a city of the living God. We are warned of disagreeing with the dictates of the word of God’s prophecy. Taking away a part of the prophecy is disagreeing with what has been written concerning salvation.

It is important that you act out the book of life because your part in the book is your place in the city. The city of God and the book of Life are one. When you play your part, you will take your place. One’s name may have been in the book of life but if his works are evil, his name could be blotted out even though he is born again. Every believer’s name is written in the earthly part of the Book of Life  but we all have the opportunity to do works that will move our names from the earth to heaven. The City of God (New Jerusalem) is a company of believers who inherited eternal life.

The realm of God’s thunder, where He keeps His secret, is Paradise. To be heavenly is an inheritance. Whoever seeks to cheat you from being heavenly is robbing you of your inheritance. Redemption cannot be divorced from Heaven because what we are being redeemed from is the earth, when we become men such as those in Revelation 14:4-5. They were “redeemed from among men [the earth]…they are faultless before the throne of God”. When men arrive here, they are beyond the reach of Satan. Heaven (in the original essence of its state), apart from being a habitat, is actually a Person. What we know today to be the heaven of angels is what issued from Him (Gen. 1:1).

The earth is pregnant with materials because it is blessed by God. God could do this because He is blessed Himself. This is why the Bible says we have been “blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Eph. 1:3). One of the creatures of God that speaks of Him is the spider; its house/web comes from within itself. God’s habitation will come from within Him.  What we have in the present heaven, which is the tabernacle of angels, is a type of what He has within Himself. The things that pertain to salvation and the divine nature is Heaven.

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