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Feb 12 2015 SOS Ajegunle Prophecies

The High and Holy Light

I am high and holy. I am separated.

I am so different that no mind can discern me.

I am so high and separated that no man can find me out.
That which is of man that desires to come to me will be hindered.

Nothing of man can come before me and stand before me.

Nothing of man can find me out, for I am high, separated, hidden.

But I can also make myself known to you:

I am making myself known through the light

That I am shinning and giving to you.

You will not know Me except I make Myself known to you.

I have desired to make Myself known to you

And that is why I bring My light to you.

I shed my light on you; My light will show Me to you.

My light will make you see Me…

Even the light of My word which I shine through My Word.

My light is the only way through which you can see Me,

For you cannot see Me on your own.

It has to take My light, which I give, for you to see Me.

Look for light; Settle for light;

Let your heart be in the light.

Let your feet walk in the light.

Let all of your being take My light.

I am the light that is beautiful.

I am the light that is to be desired.

I am the light that is high.

I am the light that is separated.

I am not like any other; I am that light;

And I am making Myself known to you.


His Coming

I am coming closer and closer.

I am drawing nearer and nearer.

I am building you up so that you can receive Me.

I am coming closer and closer and you will feel me coming.

You will see Me coming. You will sense Me coming.

I am becoming real even to your soul, for your salvation draweth near’

It is closer now than when you first believed.

Your salvation is coming – for lo,

I am Salvation and I am coming to you.

You will see me and you will behold Me.

I am coming as a great blessing, which I am.

I am the Most Blessed.

My coming to you is the coming of my joy.

It is the joy that I am; it is the joy that I have.

Joy unspeakable, full of glory.

Joy such as you have never experienced before…

Even the fullness of Joy.

They are the things that are with me.

They are the things that I am,

And they are the things that I am bringing to you.

am coming to you with fullness of Joy…

Oh rejoice, for joy is coming.

Be glad in your heart for joy is coming to you.


The Coming of Great Glory and Strength

I am coming with My great glory.

I am coming with My great power.

I am coming with My great splendour.

I am coming in my great strength, even in My great brightness.

I am coming with all My greatness, with my Almightiness.

I am coming with all, and I will crumble.

I will cause things to fall. I will cause things to be broken.

Things that have constituted hinderance;

Things that are not up to My standard,

Things that are not up to that which I desire will be brought down.

I will bring them down.

I will cause them to crumble.

They will fall before me.

All that are counterfeit;

All that are not in agreement with that which I am’

All that will not stand before Me will fall.

For I am coming with My great strength and glory.

I am coming and I will be seen amidst you by people.

I will be manifested amidst My people.

Oh great glory! Great strength!

Great strength will be seen amidst My people.

Yea, amidst My people shall arise great glory and strength

Because I am coming into their midst

And I will be seen amidst My people.

Oh rejoice in your heart for that which is about to come upon you!

Rejoice in your heart for that which is drawing nearer to you…


Visitation of Mercy

The height  of holiness is a merciful dimension. Not natural holiness, but even the holiness which is of the deity order. You cannot  climb My mountain by your strength. You cannot even find the way to My mount. It is only by mercy. Saith God, ‘I have come down with mercy. Mercy to reach heights that have never been discovered before has been granted even to this generation. Heaven is rending, and mercy is coming down. Mercy season is being brought, and great mercy is falling upon the sons of men. There is a visitation of great mercy upon mankind. Amen.

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