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Our Mission and Purpose

Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministry (EGFM) is a ministry firstly located in the body of Christ, raised to minister to the body and to also partner with other ministries whose goal is to build and nourish the saints to a place where they can become an abode for God the Father and God the Son.

Our primary tool of engagement is teaching and preaching with a prophetic and apostolic approach, and in the course of doing so over the decades, we have found grace to reach communities of believers at home and abroad through teaching conferences i.e. (Believers’ Convention) in Nigeria, London, Canada, Austria, Houston, Poland and Cyprus.

EGFM is neither a denomination nor a local assembly, but a teaching and equipping centre with activities attended by people who play active roles in their local churches and ministries at home and abroad. A good proportion of such seekers of life are those called to the five-fold ministry, and believers who desire life in abundance.

EGFM has found grace to promote the unity of the Faith revealed in the New Testament which promises to lead every believing believer into the fellowship of God’s Love.