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I Have a Great Future 1

I have a great future
A future that God has carved for me
A future that cost Him the blood of His Son
A future that He himself has lived for
And looks forward to

It is a bright future
It is a future full of life
It is a future full of glory
It is a future I must not come short of
It is a future that He has raised so many men

To paint for me
So that I can come into it
It is a glorious future indeed
And His heart is full of thoughts
Concerning this future for me.

He has labored and He has waited
For me to come into this future.
He has helped me, He is not giving up
He has suffered long and He has been patient
For me to come into this future

Yes! it’s a future I must come into
It is a future He is bringing me into
By Himself
By my power I cannot come

Into this future
But He has sworn with an oath
That I must inherit this future
He swore to our father Abraham
That I will inherit this future

He is giving me faith to come
Into this future
I thank you Father
For giving me this future
This glorious future in Christ Jesus

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