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I Have a Great Future 2

It is no longer dark and it is no longer veiled
I can see the gospel because His glorious light is visiting me
I can see beyond the veil which Satan has placed
My eyes are being opened because darkness is being judged

Yea! The Spirit of Truth Whom the Father has sent
To provide for me the provision of life
So that I can enter into that gate
Which is narrow, narrow to the natural eye
Yet I can see it; for it is being expanded before me

Oh! What a magnificent joy I have found!
Oh! What a glorious day is the day that is dawning on me!
I have found another life
I am moving into another life
A life which a natural man cannot define.

Yea! men will say, “What happeneth to him?”
Because they cannot see beyond the veil
But the veil is being opened because of mercy

Oh! The High Priest of my good profession
Thank You for the work and the intercession
You have made for me
I am coming into the things You have prayed for
And the things You have sought for
Your love has chosen me even in this generation

Thank You because You have ordained me unto eternal life
The life I will live on the earth
This is a great future
Even the life that is in the Father

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