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I Have a Great Future 3

Yea! This is the future that My First Born has gotten into.
Yea! See Him; He has rested in my love
He is resting in Me; and I am resting in Him
This is the future I am calling Man into
I am calling Man into My love, into a place
Where he will find My rest

Yea! See the Man CHRIST, this is the future
The future that is in our world
He is the world we have been living in
Before the world began

Yea! This is the place I am calling you into
It is a place of love and a place of rest.
It is a place where the hand of the wicked ones
Cannot reach you; where  the fire of hell cannot reach you.

This is the future, see the future, the future is Christ,
The Man Christ is the One Who has entered My future
I am going to bring you there and you will rest in My love
You will rest in My love. This is My future

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