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I Have a Great Future 4

The earth is the Lord’s
And the fullness thereof.
The Lord has made all things
And made them beautiful;
But you are yet to see
What the Lord is yet to make
That which is built within Man
That which the Lord Himself will raise
The Lord has built it from the beginning
The same He’s causing you to see.

Eyes have not seen,
Ears have not heard,
Neither has it come into the heart
Of any man, what He has designed
He is the Great Architect
That makes perfect

It is beautiful; but your imperfection
Will not make you see it yet
That is why I am raising you
So that when you come into perfection
You will see those things that have been made
The things that were made from the beginning

You will be able to come to Him,
Who is the beginning
Who is also the end
Who has perfected all things
So that when you come
To the height of His revelation
When you come to the place of His glory
When you come to see
What only the Lord Himself sees
What man has not been able to see
Since the ages past
When you come into this place,
Then you will come into things I have made

That, which today you call a future,
To me, is present
To Me is that which I live in
To me it is that thing which I dwell in
It is my place, it is Me, it is all about Me
Come in here and you will see
Today, it is a future to you
But when you come in here,
It becomes your present

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