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Looking Inward & Outward (Part 1)

Dearly Beloved,

It’s interesting to know that Christ’s faith is a goggle that should be used to view every conversation under the sun, to undress every thought since it has something to say concerning every imagination of the heart. The following nuggets-like series is born out of this understanding, and I trust you would be blessed by it, and hopefully share periodically


  1. A believer whose hope is to inherit God or become a people of God, or become a son of God is safer and healthier than every other soul whose hope is inferior to this
  2. The world needs our trust badly, and has to play around our ignorance of divine power to secure it. So anything we do at the expense of this power (Christ’s Faith) is a gain to the world and makes it feed fat on our souls.
  3. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life all work hand in hand with our reputation – with the world’s philosophy on gain like we saw in Eden
  4. Babies get the attention of their mum by their cry. We lack a cry like that of David because the Lord isn’t our sole sustenance. Unlike babies, we aren’t living exclusively on Christ Faith!
  5. The carnal life doesn’t look carnal to a carnal mind, and actually looks spiritual, and this is one key reason for wasted years.
  6. The Lord wants to raise many role models of repentance who will live in God’s sight, and the greatest fight before them is their reputation before men
  7. When a believer is really concerned that he is not as humble as he should, then the revelations of Christ coming his way has reached his heart.
  8. For a believer to live in these days and not end up inheriting eternal life is a disappointment to creation, to the cloud of witnesses, to angels and to the godhead


Tayo Fasan


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