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Looking Inward & Outward (Part 2)

Dearly Beloved,

It’s interesting to know that Christ’s faith is a goggle that should be used to view every conversation under the sun, to undress every thought since it has something to say concerning every imagination of the heart. The following nuggets-like series is born out of this understanding, and I trust you would be blessed by it, and hopefully share periodically


  1. One way the heart of Jesus outpaced His hands while at work was while labouring for the meat that endures unto everlasting life; while receiving downloads of the doctrine that fashioned him to become the Christ – while inclining his ears and eyes to things above.
  2. Athletes don’t feel faint or weary until they embark on a marathon race. So it is the day we attempt to cover uncovered miles in the Spirit. Our lack of Divine Power (Christ Faith) becomes evident and our need for increased strength (the knowledge of God) becomes apparent (Isa. 40:29-31/Col. 1:9-11)
  3. There is something in man that wants to and that likes to know he is better or knows better or that he has some edge over others, and that thing exists because that man has only fainted at the cross and needs to glory in the Cross of Christ
  4. When like the Pharisees and unlike our Lord Jesus, we have our reputation to regularly protect, we have lots of peace to loose. With every thought we take concerning our reputation, we lose life.
  5. One of the essence of revelation knowledge is to prepare us to entertain the dealings that would humble us, crumble our strength, make us meek, change our judgment and grant us access to strictly live by Christ’s Grace
  6. There is a norm that sees men end up only giving God their old bones in their old age, and to fight this, we have to truly understand the gospel of Christ – the empowerment that should see us living perhaps 90% differently
  7. A season where we can’t discern God’s expectation for our lives is a potentially wasted season, and one of the prescriptions for this is to meditate on the epistles day and night
  8. Jesus didn’t come to abolish suffering; He came to perfect it; to showcase how a believing believer can employ it to come into Grace and end in Glory; in God.
  9. When you check a man’s conversation daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – and it doesn’t offend the Faith Life authored by Christ, or it aligns with the walk of Jesus from Jerusalem to Jordan (Lk. 2:42-4:1), then the righteousness (of faith) has succeeded in bringing such a soul to life and peace – into his priesthood. (Mal. 2:5/Rom. 8:6/2Pet. 2:5d)


Tayo Fasan


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