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Looking Inward & Outward (Part 3)

I.   The way of an eagle in the air. The way of a Cherub with commandments. The way of Cain in uncovering sin. THE WAY OF ABRAHAM in uncovering FAITH TOWARDS GOD. THE WAY OF JESUS in unearthing THE FAITH OF GOD which later became THE FAITH OF THE SON – a only way to God (Prov. 30:19/Ps. 103:20/Jude 1:11)

II.   If the Lord doesn’t hedge a believer around in certain seasons of His life, he can’t actually learn and do the actual curriculum of His will! Like Abraham, Moses, Job, Joseph, David, Paul etc – they were all brought to a place where they weren’t in control of their lives anymore – and then began to live.

III.  It will take a lamb to follow The Lamb wheresoever it goes, and so the primary business of God on earth is making lambs! The process is believing. The instrument is Christ’s Faith. The audience are believers made disciples. Their goal is freedom to serve eternal life. Their source of strength is uninterrupted hearing and their ambition is to someday become a god under God. (Ps. 82:1/Jn. 10:35)

IV.   Since Christ’s Faith was designed to overthrow sin, then it would lead a natural man from “the house of feasting” to the “the house of mourning” and then to “the true house of feasting” where he would be fed above his unknown fears and have the countenance of the soul altered (1Jn. 5:4/Eccl. 7:2/Jer. 23:4/Isa. 25:6)

V.  One investment that has never gone wrong and that manages all other kind of earthly investments is one made in the knowledge of truth. Few investors (believers) are found here because they can’t endure the discipline of waiting to receive adequate painting of the hope of the eternal returns on this investment (RoI) – the hope of the gospel – inheriting God (Col. 1:23)

VI.   God is not limited by our failures. He is only limited by our unwillingness to humble ourselves, figure out what actually went wrong and then truly learn He whom we mentally accented to hitherto – Christ Jesus

VII.  There is a legitimate life in all fields of endeavor and profession that lawfully craves for the attention, interaction and devotion from the soul of man – and it favorably competes with the pursuit of our actual life that’s from above because we think they know that life (Col. 3:1-4)

VIII.  One of the crucial experiences that leads to the formation of Christ’s image in us, are occasions where we are hated without a cause or despitefully used. The scarcer this experience is, the scarcer the availability of sons of faith and sons of love. (Matt. 5:44/Heb. 5:8)

IX.   To actually see and hear what the Lord is and has been saying requires being still – being blind, deaf and numb to things competing for our attention – at the expense of the Lord’s

X.    One die hard trait in believers is a desire to do things for God above the desire to pay the price to experimentally know him! Sacrifices that God doesn’t delight therefore becomes a substitute for obedience that pleases Him and attracts unimaginable rewards.


Tayo Fasan

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