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Looking Inward & Outward (With the goggle of Faith) – Part 13

 1.  God rewards His servants – not with things that perishes with use, but with His name; with an incorruptible nature that the Spirit, Son and Father share in common. The actual reward that this world offers to faithful servants, is also a name; a nature of lust that enables them reign with corruption in different capacities; in corridors of political, scientific, academic, technological, religious or military power (1Pet. 1:4/2Pet. 1:4/2:19)

2.  I believe that the Lord may not mind seeing the title deeds of a land(s), keys of cars/houses, treasure bills, fat cheques in our hands and accounts, but He doesn’t want to see any of these in our souls! None of such was found in the souls of faithful men of old whom God led until they were rid of their idols because what He designed our souls to keep (hold) is an eternal treasure called the mystery of Faith (1Tim. 1:19/3:9)

 3.  The Lord can’t say concerning some believers “I KNOW YOU” or “I HAVE KNOWN YOU” or “S/HE IS MINE”, because He hasn’t been able to determine who they really are – He hasn’t been able to try them or determine their soul’s DNA. He can’t lay claim to their soul or to fathering it, just like the devil can’t lay claim to their recreated spirit (Heb. 12:8/Matt. 7:23). They remain indifferent to His plan to save their soul from iniquity; from a lawless nature that prospers outside His Faith (Heb. 12:8/Mal. 3:17-18)

4.  There is a price to pay to properly raise children in a way that they would fear the Lord, and there is a critical timing that this has to be carried out by parents who really understand what it means to fear the Lord; what it means to experience a daily enlightenment of the eyes of our heart/understanding until it peaks with fear (Eph. 1:17-18/Isa. 11:2)

5.  By promoting cancerous philosophies like “becoming self- made”, the devil through the world, secures the consent of many, to rob them of their sheepish frame which they need to “foolishly” follow God, like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, the disciples and our Lord Jesus all did. The greatness that the world offers comes at a dire cost of the life of men’s soul, but God’s offer of greatness comes through foolish and reproachful looking arrangements that would first change us within and then without (Heb. 11:24-26/1Cor. 1:18-21/Matt. 23:26)

 6.  The world is an orderly arrangement and course that consistently fights faith. The Christian faith is a Godly arrangement that actually starts when our former building or arrangement that is contrary to Christ, starts being crumbled or when everything that can’t withstand the Son’s voice or stand the test of the Father’s fire, is being dealt with (Eph. 2:2/Gal. 5:17/Col. 2:8/1Cor. 3:10-15/Heb. 12:26-27)

7.  When there is no fight, there can be no victory. When there are always fighting, there would always be victories. When there is a big fight, there would be a big victory! A bounty (i.e. God’s throne) has been placed for everyone who would use the head of the devil to climb into Zion, so why not start with little demons, then head for other enemies (Lk. 1:71/Eph. 6:12/Ps. 110:1) that would train us for the ultimate battle with the devil, because doing otherwise is costlier and those who overcame him were men of like passion like us.

8.  Changing the love program that once made every believer a hustler at some point in time, would take as long as such a one is willing to learn Christ and thereby “unlearn” his former old inheritance; or as long as a hate program can be completely installed in his soul, which would make him react like Jesus did to every conversation that contradicts Faith (Eph. 4:20-24/Rom. 14:23)

9.  Our Lord Jesus, with no sin in Him, spent some 18 years learning, exercising, mastering and living by The Faith (Power) of God, after which heaven certified him a Son whose first inheritance was God’s Faith. We have just started learning this Faith; we need some decades ahead to master it and therefore our need for long life (Matt. 3:17/Rom. 1:16-17/Acts 20:32/26:18e)

10.  The whole essence of trusting God for long life is to enable us finish our course with joy; to address our indebtedness of love to humanity and thereby serve the will of God in our generation. Anything else or less in vanity! So what really is our course and why is the greatest threat to this what we call “our life”? (Acts 20:24/2Tim. 4:7/Col. 3:3-4/Jn. 12:25)


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