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Looking Inward & Outward (With the goggle of Faith) – Part 15

 1.  To be battle weary, is to be inconsistent in hearing, waiting, obeying, praying, walking, giving and loving. It is to prepare to love the world like you never did, and surrender to the enemy who would ensure he collects every previous life you acquired, and also make you a potential enemy of Christ and the cross. (Heb. 5:11c-12/2Tim. 4:10/Phil. 3:18)

2.  What confuses and overcomes this world is the cross; and what the faith component of the cross does, when preached, is that it triggers dealings that would make its audience look foolish, weak, base, low and despised before natural men but instrumental before God. It purges and brings such as are CALLED to inherit eternal life, to an estate (soul state) where they are CHOSEN as vessels before whom the world and the god of this world are crucified. (1Cor. 1:18-28/Deu. 4:20/Isa. 48:10-11/Gal. 6:14)

3.  God always calls those that aren’t qualified for the task(s) He sets before them, so no flesh would share His glory with Him. Like Moses, He uses the walk/dealings of faith to empty them of all their qualifications, and qualifies them by His grace and mercy which they have to keep seeking until they are found wise and faithful – until their souls inherit salvation (1Cor. 1:26-29/1Pet. 1:9)

4.  To be greater than John the Baptist is to have a greater sight, better quality of consecration and walk than he had. Without these, no believer would gain entrance into the kingdom like John couldn’t. Kingdom entrance entails inheriting what John couldn’t partake of because the path for that consecrated life of Christ and God (I.e. Faith and Love) was still being laid and obeyed by our Lord Jesus (Mark 1:7/Matt. 3:15/11:11/Heb. 5:8/10:19-20)

5.  The most subtle temptation every potential overcomer would face is to settle for less than what God has called him unto (i.e. eternal salvation); and it is subtle because it only requires a heart disposition of indifference to every commandment the Father gave to the Son in the days of His flesh

6.  The New Testament is purely supernatural; above the natural or naturally divine, and it has never been about the spectacular! It is a design of life that gradually empower us not to do anything at the expense of life authored by Christ until we arrive in God (1Pet. 1:5/Jn. 13:3). God sovereignly reserves the right to use the spectacular to advertise it (the gospel), and also reserves the right not to use it on occasions, in a season or generation (2Pet. 1:3-4/Jn. 10:10e-f/Heb. 2:3-4)

7.  What the commandments of Faith (i.e. Christ) does to a believer over decades is that it cleanses and makes him free from the filth and love of this world, so he becomes attractive enough for truth (Christ) to come dwell in (Jn. 8:32/Eph. 3:17/Jn. 14:21/Gal. 4:19). Christ in him then empowers him to seek God’s glory by keeping the commandments of love (God) until he becomes attractive enough for the Father of truth to come dwell in (Col. 1:27/Jn. 14:23/2Cor. 6:16c-g)

8.  When every revelation that comes our way becomes a commandment to us, the circumcision of every carnal and inferior nature to that of Christ becomes inevitable. Such commandments would flush out the world in us and would attract weightier commandments, which when kept, would cause our soul to be likable to gold and also become a peculiar treasure to God (Jn. 12:50/Job 22:24/Isa. 13:12/Exo. 19:5/1Pet. 2:9d)

9.  This generation of believers is sitting on a gold mine; with unlimited reserves of gold of the highest karat, requiring the investment of their time and resources to discover it, value it, agree on the wisdom of “selling or despising all their vanity” so they can follow the Lord with all their hearts, have much more restored, live supernaturally in time and reign in eternity (Isa. 55:2-3/Job 42:10-12/Matt. 13:44-45/19:29)

10.  At a season of our lives, there was nothing as exciting as changing things; clothes, shoes, cars, houses, jobs, etc. but there should come another season where all these expressions of change leave us grossly dissatisfied until we engage an enduring and truly exciting definition of change that borders on things above; where we seasonally change our spiritual garment, abode, perception and walk (Col. 3:1-2)


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