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Looking Inward & Outward (With the goggle of Faith) – Part 17

1. The day we can seamlessly or naturally handle/overcome offence, preeminence, unforgiveness, losses, hurt, animosity – like we see little children do, then can we say we have been converted from being ‘adults’ into becoming ‘little children’ who have gained entrance into the Kingdom. Then would we also be instrumental in strengthening and helping others (Matt. 18:2-3/Phil. 2:20/1Jn. 2:12/Lk. 22:31-32)

2. A prisoner of Christ living in Buckingham Palace with access to a Rolls Royce, and a prisoner of Christ living in a distant hut in a rural area, with access only to a 1985 model of bicycle are the same in God’s sight. As New Testament priests, they both enjoy the privileges of life (righteousness) and peace, and are both destined for the highest energy level of eternal life called Joy, if they don’t jailbreak. (1Cor. 6:12/10:23/Eph. 4:1-3/Mal. 2:4-7/Rom. 8:6b/Jn. 15:11/1Jn. 1:4)

3. A change of diet at forty, is as unnatural and difficult as being weaned from the mountain moving milk-faith provision in the Lord Jesus (Isa. 28:9/Mk. 11:23/Eph. 1:15), especially when we weren’t told from inception that the milk faith preeminent in the Church till date was only meant to prepare us for a truly enduring spiritual (meat) faith that is of the Son of God (1Cor. 3:2/Gal.2:20/1Jn. 5:1a), which further prepares us for the final meal of our soul; the strong meat of Love that perfects (Heb. 5:14/6:1b/1Jn. 5:1b) as a people of God (2Cor. 6:16c-g/Rev. 21:4)

4. When men depart into error, you can’t be closer to them anymore than they are to the Lord, but you can open up the bowels of your compassion and pray for their restoration, like the Lord Jesus still does (Jude 1:22-23)

5. Who said you have to go to heaven to experience heaven, or to experience the new heaven hid in God, or to eat of the tree of life like Adam was commanded, and like Jesus and His apostles did (Gen. 2:16/Jn. 3:13/2Cor. 12:3-4)? Glorious angels in heaven desire to experience this high calling upon us, to partake of eternal life while on earth; even eternal salvation (1Pet. 1:10-12/Heb. 2:3-5)

6. Heaven sanctions only one coup; only one regime change against sin and death, and its coup plotters must have been equipped over some decades through their uninterrupted coming to the waters of life, to eat with their ears – as they hear of Christ’s Faith, until they have become empowered and emboldened to walk against the course of this world and cut a covenant of Mercy with God (Isa. 55:1-3/Eph. 2:2)

7. The simple reason for the distorted ‘extravagant grace’ teaching that has ravished campuses and ministries is because the truth was never installed in the peddlers and followers of this erroneous teaching. They are not disciples of Christ neither have they been schooled in His cross, and as such, they remain in bondage, under the elements of this world (Jude 1:4/1Jn. 1:8-9/Jn. 8:31-32/Gal. 4:3)

8. When a believer or a minister lacks discernment of this world or lacks the judgment that emanates from the Faith that overcomes this world, he would find himself, on most ocassions, placing the dictates of his mind ahead of his heart, and dictates of his heart ahead of his recreated spirit. He would share a lot in common with unbelievers or with unbelieving believers, and would remain a stranger to the things (riches) of God in Christ Jesus.

9. The measure to which we have discerned and overcome the world can be deduced by the measure to which we have esteemed the dictates of our recreated human spirit above that of our heart, and that of our heart above that of our mind. The measure to which the contrary is the case is the measure to which we have been overtaken by the world and would remain servants of unrighteousness (1Cor. 2:11/Rom. 8:16/1Jn. 3:20/Jer. 17:9/Rom. 6:16-19)

10. One of the deceptions that has been entertained in our generation, is the assumption that we can successfully give God anything but our best; anything but our first or our all! Men who give God their old bones; their left overs or things that didn’t cost them anything significant, don’t later have the opportunity of telling those they left behind, how costly and detrimental it was doing so (Lk. 16:19-31)


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