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The Life of the Future World

Rev. Kayode Oyegoke
August 8, 2015

The Life of the Future World

This is a teaching targeted at opening our eyes to understand the wheel upon which the world to come shall ride, eternal life. God is eternal, His life is immortal, and so is His world. The future world of God cannot be without the life of God, therefore God’s people must learn eternal life, and express it to its fullest. This is the passport into the future world. May our hearts be filled with hunger and anticipation as we listen.

4 thoughts on “The Life of the Future World

  1. Angela williams says:

    I am interested in this message.

    1. Yemi Adegoke says:

      Good morning, thank you for visiting our website. As you have indicated interest, I am glad to let you know that you can actually download your desired message using the middle button on the right hand corner of the message in the audio library page

  2. kehinde says:

    I cannot seem to find the message so I can download it.

    1. says:

      Hello Kehinde,

      Kindly click on this image  download at the right hand side of the player box to download the message.

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