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Inheriting the Things of God: Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu

Writing the Vision October 2017

Minister: Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu

The Bible says, “there is one God and one Mediator between God and men; the man Christ Jesus” (1Tim.2:5). What the Father, Son and Holy Ghost have is God, which makes them one. These Entities have something that every other created thing does not have. This one God can only be approached by understanding. A major problem the Jews had was that they searched the scriptures with the interpretation of their own understanding, which made up their testament.

What we seek is the testimony of Jesus, which is the testimony of prophets of the New Testament. Prophets are professors of the testimony that they keep. That testimony is a spirit (Revelation 19:10). Under the Old Testament dispensation, there were the Law and the Prophets. The prophets were those who carries the spirit of the Law. Attempts to do the Law without the spirit raised Pharisees.

Prophets carried the spirit of the Testament, interpreting the Law after the order of truth. A testimony/testament is the life of the testator (Hebrews 9:16). It is difficult to escape lies because it is the testimony of a superior being (Lucifer) to man. This is why we cannot know what a lie is until truth appears. The essence of the New Testament is to show God.

Angels worship and relate with God based on the kind of testimony that they have. Regardless of the varieties of testimony that they have, none was potent enough to deliver a full understanding of who God is. This is why the Bible says, “no man hath seen God at any time except he who dwells in the bosom of the Father; he has come to declare Him” (John 1:18). What the Son has come to declare and reveal is not taught Him by anyone.  

What made Jesus Christ a Being of the bosom of the Father is that He received the things of the bosom of God. The things a man has are what declares where he is in relation to God. The Son of God acquired the things of God’s bosom via seeing and hearing; this is why He rests in His bosom. May God give us ears that hear the Son, not any other prophet. We must keep the sanctity and purity of the New Testament because it alone has the ability to make new.

The New Testament is new because there is no darkness or veil because Jesus Christ is the revealer of God. coming to God is coming to His things, which make up what He calls “My word”. When a man has the things of God, the Father and Son will both love him. It is the love of God that connects a man with the things of God. The reason for the things of the Son is so you can have Him. Paul does not want to be found having his things but the things of God (Philippians 3). Whatever clothes us apart from the things of God is darkness; unfortunately, many of us are rich in darkness. A foolish man is he who sees true riches and refuses to sell his pearls. It is souls such as those that keep their darknesses.

It is important for us to be meticulous in the place of understanding. The mediator between God and man is not rendered as “Jesus Christ” but “Christ Jesus”, meaning He is the Man who had acquired the properties of God (1 Tim. 2:5). Standing between men and God is reconciling them back to God. There is no true reconciliation without the enlightenment of the eyes of one’s understanding. Hence, true reconciliation is the tearing and removal of the veil separating men from God.

Our life-goal must be to see God, not because of any other thing but for Himself. The Lord said, “this is the cup of the New Testament in My blood” meaning that His blood contains properties of life and immortality. Our Lord Jesus is He who has trapped the properties of God’s life and has abolished death. The shadow of death is darkness. The Lord Jesus has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel (2 Tim. 1:10). Every appearance of the Lord to the soul takes away death from the soul.

When the faith of the Son is taught, the life of Christ that deals with darkness is also taught. The miracles that the Lord did in the days of His flesh has no bearing on His life. We need to understand, however, the prophets before Christ did miracles and works of healing. What separated Jesus from them is something  that the prophets did not have which He did. By His walk, He kept doing things that no one saw. The greatest miracle is to turn a man into Christ and God.

The way to change a man is to teach him the things of God. it is not possible to be doused with the things of God and not become Him. This implies that we give more attention to hearing the words of Christ until we get enough volume of His things that is enough to generate consistent walk in His light. When you take the things of Christ and God, He will come looking for you regardless of where you are just the same way He came for Christ in the grave. This is the key to the impossibility of our separation from God.

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