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Abiding in the doctrine of Christ: Pastor Thompson Ehima

Writing the vision October 2017

Minister: Pastor Thompson Ehima

The gospel of John captures the teaching of Jesus. It explains clearly the teaching of Jesus as it was written after the experience John had in Patmos. The teachings of Jesus found in this epistle exposes us to the doctrine of the Son and portrays Jesus as the son of God which is the truth the Pharisees failed to accept.  

The rich young ruler who called Jesus ‘good master’ had ignorantly professed Jesus as God because no man is good except God (Mark 10:18). Although the rich young ruler could discern Christ as light of God, he couldn’t embrace the demands of the promise which he sought for because it meant giving his all.

This is the design of the Faith of the Son, that a man should sell all that he has, and follow after Christ alone because there is nothing that man can offer in place of eternal life. The life of a man does not consist of what he possesses (Luke 12:15). The faith of the Son demands the very life of a man in order to lay hold of life eternal. The rich young ruler understood this demand but could not give up what made up his life. He was described as one who had ‘great possession’, meaning he had an inheritance. He understood the demand made to him as one which superseded his natural substances but came to demand what he consisted of on the inside.

The light of Christ is meant to flood the soul of a man. What Christ had offered to this young man, was a light. There is something about the eternal inheritance; it doesn’t share ground with any other thing. Every other thing that stands beside this life is corruptible.

Disciples are the holders of the law of life and the testimony of Jesus Christ. The rich young ruler understanding this principle wanted to lay hold of this but didn’t want his nature to be altered. The rich young ruler went away sorrowful, this is what happens to every man…

To know the truth is to have come into the revelation of the light of the Son; this is what it means to know Christ. The Holy unction (1John 2:20) is not the anointing that comes upon a believer to perform exploits; it is the anointing that teaches the life of Christ. It gives the believer the ability to demystify lies. The unction of the Holy one is the anointing of Christ for those who are in the sanctuary. It is important to know that the fullness of life which is God cannot be assessed without the life of christ. This life of Christ is a teaching.

Christ is the anointed One, he exceeds every other anointed one because Christ is made up of many spices. This is necessary for us to lay hold of the wholesome truth that can only be found in Christ. The doctrine of Christ is beyond what Christ preached, it is what He embodies. Other anointed ones have their spices that could be described as sonship spices and God spices. The spice that Christ has, embodies all these spices and brings them to a point of fullness. What Christ wears is the fulfillment of all spices. This is why He expresses a faith that can only be found in Him and is of essence wholesome.

Those who can believe in the word of Christ and continue therein will have the Son revealed in them. We find a typification of this in the life expression of apostle Paul. Those who continue in the doctrine of the Son till the end will embody both the Father and the Son while those who cannot continue will become antichrists (1 John 2:19).  

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