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Principles of Divine Exaltation

Ministering: Rev. Helen Oyegoke

One thing that was responsible for raising the Son of God- Jesus Christ, who is the prototype and perfect example for man, is all things that be of God. He is the only Man that has been approved of God, when He said to Him, “Thy throne O God is forever and ever. The sceptre of Your Kingdom is righteousness” (Heb. 1:8). The One to whom this statement was addressed is the Man Christ Jesus (2 Tim. 2:5) because He had trapped everything that God has.

By reason of Jesus, having trapped everything that is of God, He inherited God. The joy of what God is doing is to raise many sons to glory. This is the essence of preaching. The beauty of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily, is that it contains all things that be of God. This is why Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation…for therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith” (Rom. 1:16-17).

The gospel of Christ is the container of all things that be of God. What made Jesus inherit all of God is that He believed and lived by the things of God which He continually received in bits in the days of His flesh. By obedience, these things were able to crystallize in Him. God is speaking to us by His Son (Heb. 1:1) because the Son has inherited all things (Rev. 21:7). These things that make our inheritance are the things that are being declared to us.

The Son of God  became the heir of all things because He inherited all things. He is the One we must hear and He is the One who must be communicated through preaching. These things are the things that make for salvation. We must acquire all things that be of Christ first, then migrate into the things that be of God. The things that be of Christ is His faith. The standard of sonship that God seeks among us is that of Christ Jesus, in whom dwells God’s fullness bodily (Col. 2:9). He is the approved One who has all that be of God.

The Man that God refers to as His Son is He who has trapped all that be of God. the goal of God is to raise men who are like Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 5:17). Jesus was able to bring pleasure to God because He is like Him. This is why He is the brightness of God’s glory and the express image of His person (Heb. 1:2-3). Nothing other than the substances of God, which God must deposit can raise a man to be exactly like God is. Jesus received these things till He became the brightness of His glory and express image of His Person.

This said, however, the declaration of God concerning Him at Jordan was a level of sonship that He had attained, which was lower than the fullness of God. This is true of us also as there are commandments He cannot give us because of where we are (1 Cor. 3:1). It takes God’s tutelage to turn a carnal man into a spiritual entity. God is called the father of spirits does not mean He is the father of every spirit. That statement however, means that God is the Father of beings that He has begotten with His things.

God is not the Father of angels because they are the works of His hands. What God gives birth with are His things. Once you find a man beginning to embrace the things of God, he begins to change from carnal to being spiritual. God can only father those He has given birth to. The Bible says Jesus gave power to as many as received Him (John 1:12-13). Receiving the Lord is receiving His things. Those who can be said to have received Him are those who are born of God.

Receiving the Lord is embracing the standards that He is revealing and aligning with what He stands for. Receiving the Lord is receiving His doctrine, which is the faith of the Son. This doctrine comprises the standards that are used to raise Him. The revelation of the doctrine of the Son is the unveiling of the Son to us. The intent of these things coming to us is so that we can receive the Son in full. In the doctrine of the Son is the power of change and formation.

When you embrace the doctrine of the Son, you change from flesh to spirit. This is what it means to be born of Him. The things of God are the things of the Kingdom (John 3:3-7). Those who are born of water and the Spirit are those to whom entrance into the Kingdom is ministered. The key thing that guarantees entrance is change. Receiving Him is receiving His doctrines, standards, thoughts and ways. God introduced to Christ the thoughts that framed Him up till he became the Son of God.

God is speaking to us by His Son, who is in turn declaring the things that made Him up. When a soul believes on the name and essence of the Son, it will be born again. What Jesus is full of is Grace and Truth. This means that the Godhead is full of Grace and Truth. As Christ Jesus is being revealed, truth is being delivered. As you obey truth, which is revealed as Christ is taught, you are being born again.

The same substances which were used to raise the first begotten of the Father are the same substances that God wants to use to raise the other brethren. God is looking for men who will carry His essence. He is not looking for magicians or men who can do spectacular things. He seeks men He can pour Himself into. That was His original intention for man from the beginning (Genesis 1:26). When God made Adam in the beginning, what He had in His mind was Christ Jesus; this was why He planted the tree of Life in the Garden.

Whenever you are confused about any aspect of God’s plan, go back to the beginning. When God brought Christ into the picture, He never hid His intention and plan. He declared Him as His Son three different times; first, at Jordan (Matt. 3:17), secondly, at the mount of Transfiguration (Matt. 17:5) and lastly at Resurrection. The power that Jesus gives to those who believe is the power to become sons, who are born of God (John 1:12).

There is no other way to come into the divine intention, which has been from the beginning, except by undergoing numerous births. The thing that make for our births is our change. The things that constitute the meat are the doctrine/teaching of Christ. What constitutes the Word of Righteousness are the meat and strong meat of the Word. These things are essential for changing a soul from being carnal into being spiritual. It is by these standards we must judge ourselves.

The flesh is naturally given to envy and division; these things make you carnal (1 Cor. 3:1-3). Men who take pride according to the men whom God has set over them are carnal (1 Cor. 3:4-5). God wants to raise men and women who will be wired differently from what is obtainable around us today by reason of the things of God that would have been injected into them. God cannot father flesh because it stinks.

Envy and Pride are fleshly manifestations that will not allow God to father us. We must be clothed with humility and be willing to submit to whoever God puts above us. Even when you have a position of advantage over men, do not use it over people. It is hard to tell how humble you are when you are not in a position of advantage. When you are in a position of advantage, however, and you choose not to use it against others, then you can be said to be humble.

You must not because of whatever God has given you rebel against authority. Satan often comes to suggest things to you when you get some positions of advantage. You must guard your heart with all diligence this season, especially against thoughts of pride. The higher you go in God, the more ordinary you must become. We must be like Christ who made Himself of no reputation (Philippians 2:7-9)

The flesh has names and clothings that are not from God that it wants to clothe the soul with. Never allow the enemy to inflate you beyond what you really are. We must make the Lord, who kept humbling Himself, our role model and make it a point of duty to always go down. It is pride that makes us desire to be seen as extraordinary. Jesus would have scuttled the program of salvation if He was not humble.

Those who have attained the realm of God are actually those who lead ordinary lives. Unfortunately, many people do not see the inner configuration of Christ; they instead see His outward manifestations. As long as we have these things within us, the Lord will repel us from His presence. When the things of God begin to come upon you, you need to be very careful. We must understand the workings of God over us as a people.

Let us not fall into the trap that Israel fell into, who thought that the entire programme of God revolved around them. Israel thought just being a people of God was alright because they were not aware of God’s plan to redeem the entire human race. We have to train our hearts to receive from those that God will raise, who will speak higher things than we are speaking.

We must not make the mistake of thinking that we are the end of what God is doing. Nothing destroys like pride. Always count yourself of no reputation regardless of what promotion comes upon you. You will never be able to locate rest without meekness in heart (Matt. 11:28-29) because it is written, “the meek will He beautify with salvation” (Psalm 149:4). The way up, in the realm of the spirit, is down. Jesus said, “the Father is greater than I” (Jn 14:28) because God is the meekest Being that ever existed. We must have a heart that can be easily corrected.

Pride is a property of the devil and as we journey by faith, he always comes to appeal to this property that we have within us. In our personal lives and our midst, as a people, we must consciously bring ourselves down as God elevates us. The mind that is in Christ should be found in us (Philippians 2:5). The hallmark of humility is obedience; that is what Jesus did (Philippians 2:7-8).

Nothing exalts a soul in the spirit like humility that is shown in obedience. We must be willing to be instructed. To take the glory of what God has done through you to yourself is foolishness. Never be deceived to think that whatever God has done through you is about you. Always have the heart disposition that returns all the glory to God and acknowledges those that have gone ahead of you. That is how to escape the edge of the sword in this season.

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