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School of the Spirit Aguda (7th April, 2015)

Tongues and Interpretations

I am the Lord who is and have come into your midst. I am here in your midst standing before you; standing before heaven and the earth; standing before the throne and the church; and between the throne and the church. For the time has come, saith the Lord, that I will cause that even the will of the throne will run fully in the church. I will bring the things that are of the throne – the understanding of the throne, the knowledge of the throne, the things that the throne is saying, the things that the throne is declaring at this moment, to the church. I stand as a bridge between the throne and the church and will ensure the things that have been apportioned by My Father for the church, for the church must come before the throne. For the church must stand before the throne and I stand before the throne for the church, bridging the gap – interceding until I bring you before the throne for soon, saith the Lord, I will bring you before the throne. For soon, you will stand before the throne. For soon, you will witness the powers of the throne. For soon, you will experience what it is like to be before the throne of My Father and before My throne. For soon, you will experience the throne even amidst you. I am standing and will work, to bring things of the throne; I will download things from the throne, and I will work out things of the throne even amidst My people, for My throne must be amidst you saith the Lord.

I am bringing to you a season of mercy for My mercies are new every morning. I give mercy and I am able to show mercy. I bring you to another threshold of mercy, even the mercy for this season. I am bringing you mercy which is from the throne and by this mercy, I will cause you to see. By this mercy, I will cause your heart to be instructed. By this mercy, I will help you to be wise. By this mercy, you will come to an understanding that is required of you at this time for to overcome. I will show you mercy. I am also opening doors; many doors, doors in the spirit for entrance. These doors are doors of mercy. Oh, let mercy take you; yield your heart to mercy; let mercy absorb you into these doors. These are great doors of mercy which you must go in. Let My mercy take you, let My mercy absorb you. Oh, enter into My mercy; enter into the mercy throne. For the throne is the mercy seat. Enter into that door of mercy that My Father has prepared for you. It is a door of mercy. It is for you in this season. You will find strength when you enter. You will find help when you enter. You will find grace, you will find enablement, you will find Me, saith the Lord.

Come up, saith the Spirit of grace. Come up for the time to come up is now. For the time to be caught up is now. Come up; let your soul come up. Let your soul step up for I am calling you to come up. I am saying to you, come up. You can come up; it is time to come up. Your soul can come up. Arise and come up! Come up irrespective of that which you have found yourself in, that which has held you bound, that which has been speaking to you or the voice you have been hearing which is contrary to Mine. I shout, I give My voice with a great shout, come up at My voice!

For the earth is no longer fit for souls to dwell anymore. The earth is no more fit for anyone to want to reside and stay. Oh, the earth is not a safety zone. For there is no place of safety found anymore in this realm of men. There is no safe place found for souls. I will cause a wind to blow and I will open up mountains. I will open up strongholds; I will break down mountains. I will break down the mountains and the strongholds. I will crumble them even such places that souls have dwelt in; such places where souls have found solace. I will cause a wind to blow; I am causing a wind to blow. It will scatter, it will turn upside down that in which man has found solace – that which man has found for himself as a fortress. None of this will stand in this time because I will cause a wind to blow.

I will cause a wind to blow in this nation. It will blow in this nation. Do not say in your heart, the time of plenty has come or the time of rest has come for this nation. For in this nation, I will cause a wind to blow because I will harvest My people – I will take My people. I will take souls from the earth. Do not rest upon the economy of this nation. Do not rely on that which you seemingly see to be a prospect because there is no such. My wind is blowing already in this nation and I will also cause it to blow over the globe. There will be no safety for the flesh anymore. There will be no safety on earth for the souls of men anymore for souls must come up to Me,saith the Lord.

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