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The Coming of the Groom

He cometh!

Behold He runs towards His enstranged bethrothed!

With fire in His eyes He burns towards me

Oh how I melt under the heat of His approach!

Oh the pain of red burning coal upon the sin coated foreskin of my heart!


And He draws nearer and nearer

This love is jealous

Yea His name is jealous

This love has given all

He is coming to take me all


His winnowing fork is in His hands

To clear His threshing floor

To gather the wheat into His barn

But He will burn up the chaff

With unquenchable fire

Love flame! Passion unstoppable!

Many waters cannot quench it

Neither can the floods drown it


Come near O Burning One!

Come burn away all chaff

Come inflict the love pain

Yea I may weep for a night

But I will awake with you in the morning light


Though I sorrow in mourning for a season

And though the look in Your beautiful eyes

Hurt my already raped and ravaged soul

Yet will I not turn away my gaze from You


I will not cease to behold You

Whose eyes have enravished my heart

Though Your eyes hurt, yet will I look

I will cleave to Him whom my soul desires

And keep a steady gaze on His blessed countenance

Until all that hurts and pains and offends is burnt away

Then I will know Him as He knows me

Then I shall be free from all encumbering weights

That misinterprete the sweetness of pure divine Love

As pain to my soul


Then I shall be made one with that flame,

One with that beautiful Man

Whom the virgins do love

I shall burn, engulfed with passion for Him alone

My Lord, my King, my Groom


An eternal burning! Burning yet not consumed!

Incense! Pleasures! Sweetness!

A soul virgin! A bride ready!

A heart ablaze! Purified, decked, adorned as wife

Baked tender under the fiery eyes of the Groom

Prepared to sup and wine with Him

In the Secret Place of the Most High.  Amen

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