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The Consuming Gaze of Love

His eyes burn with passion for me

Passion so strong, pursuit so unrelenting

It’s a hard chase after my soul

Yes He’s after my soul


His eyes are a consuming fire

Cutting through the deepest and most secret places

Right there in the very recesses of my soul

Like a sharp two-edged sword


I love the eyes of my Lord

The eyes of the Lamb are seven

The eyes of the Lamb are perfect

The eyes of the Lamb have looked upon me

Burning away all my uncleanness


Just one look, and I am swept into Your eternity

Like a spell I am cast into the captivity of your glance

Under the charm of your eagle eyes

Piercing through my most mysterious darkness

Unravelling, demystefying, unveiling,

Goods, hidden treasures of death

Laid up in me by the leperous hands of a strange lover,

Kept coded in the moth infested barn

By the wiles of the seducer


Then you turn Your eyes on me

You set Your gaze on me

You look and I am stripped bare

I gaze back, my soul melts into You

In absolute surrender, forever your bond slave

In the garden of Love enchanting


Every dirt and dross detected by the eyes of Him

With whom alone I have to do

Every filth and putrefaction burnt to ashes

Death filtered away through the Burning Light

Of the Sacred Immaculate Eyes

Purified to be clothed again in His beauty

So ravishing, pristine, divine


I love the eyes of my beloved

Dove eyes, seven but single

Pure eyes undefiled,

Sweet Lord matchless in love unfeigned

With arms wide open, hungry to hold my lovesick soul

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