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The Domain of Love (Prayer Meeting)


  1. This is the season of great help. Help is coming from the throne and every heart that is ready and willing will receive help. Your heart must be ready and willing to be helped. Your heart must be ready to yield to the dealings of My Spirit in this season, for therein lies great help, and in these dealings will come about great change.
  2. You did not bring yourself here, I did. I have been the Lord in the midst of you, working and journeying with you, taking you from one point to another, opening doors after doors. I have brought you to this season and before you lies a journey which your souls must accomplish. Do not draw back for I am with you on this journey and you are not alone. I, the Lord in your midst, am journeying with you. Do not draw back. Journey! Journey till your walk is accomplished.
  3. This is a journey to glory. This is a journey into clouds for in this journey, clouds will be distributed and men will come into glories. On this journey, men will step into glory clouds, and I will cause clouds to envelope you. I will cause clouds to keep and protect you. I will cause My cloud of glory to surround you. You will be hedged in by glory clouds and you shall be kept from the evil of this day, from the evil of this time and from the evil of this dark and wicked world. I will cause clouds to come upon you and many of you will visibly see such clouds. You will see such clouds in your midst, even in your meetings. You will encounter glory clouds and they will literally envelope some of you for it is a time to enter clouds.
  4. There are glories that are ordained for testaments, and those glories came upon men. In the times of old, there were glories which men saw. Glory rested upon Elijah, upon the prophets and the sons of men, and that was the glory of that testament. Men who came into the spirit of that testament entered into the glory, but the glory that I speak of is the glory that pertains to the New Testament. Such are forms and fashions of glory, bright clouds of glory which pertain to the New Testament, even the Testament that excels. Yes, this is the Testament which is better and has better promises. This Testament is that to which this glory appertains. This glory is for this Testament and I will cause you to walk in this glory, yes, the glory of this Testament. I will cause you to fellowship in such clouds, even as John fellowshipped. I will cause you to come even into such order of fellowship that the apostles came into. The secret is love. I am bringing you to that zone where you will see truth and know truth. You will see keys and you will handle keys. Realms of fellowship will not be withheld from you for you will fellowship with glory. You will fellowship with them that dwell and abide in glory. You will fellowship with them whose abode is glory. You will be glorified with my glory for this is the kind of glory I am an apostle of, even the glory which I received of my Father.
  5. I have raised you as a child and I have drawn you from the breasts. I have weaned you from the milk and I am bringing you to the season of discipline, a season where certain things that you were allowed to do will no longer be allowed for you see, these are the demands of glory. These are the demands of them which must come to glory. The things that you pet right now, I will not allow. The things that you cuddle right now, I will not allow for glory is the season that is come upon you. I will bring you to glory, and I will prepare you for glory. I will cleanse you and make you ready for My glory, and I will work on you. I will raise and train you for glory, and I will make you compatible with glory. The things that pertain to My glory are the things of My fear and of My reverence. They are the things of My awe, and the things which you hold, you will hold them no more because you will come to hold glory.
  6. Persist! You must persist! You must persist! Persistence is what I require of your soul. Persistence is what I require of your heart in these days of trial and contentions and tribulations for these are working out that which I desire among you. You must persist in your heart, and you must not draw back. You must not be weary. You must go forward and persist in the face of adversities. Persist in the face of contradictions. You will find strength to persist; You will find strength to continue until you have broken through.
  7. The day the kingdom is brought to you, it came with much tribulation and as the kingdom draws nearer and nearer, so tribulations  intensify. The kingdom is now closer to you than when you began, and, as it comes closer, it comes with much tribulation. The coming of the kingdom, and the coming of My glory will be with much tribulation, and in this much tribulation, you will enter. In this much tribulation, you will find a way. In this much tribulation, you will see the door. In this much tribulation, your sight will be sharpened. In this much tribulation, you will hear better and your heart will be fashioned for entrance. In this much tribulation, entrance is being ministered to you. Great doors are being opened to you and you will find access. O fear not tribulation! Press in and press forward, saith the Lord.
  8. This is the place where I dwell. If anyone will get Me, he has to come to My domain. For this is My domain, the domain of My unlimited knowledge. It is a domain of love and anyone that will access the blessing to the uttermost must access this domain. Through this domain, men will become God and they will inherit all that is of God for this is the domain of the full blessing, the place where the full blessing of the New Testament is kept. And he that has found this domain has gotten to the end of his calling.
  9. I am opening up to you the realm of My holiness. My realm, which is the realm of love, is a realm of holiness. Holiness is love and love is holy. Love and Holiness are Mine and they are Who I am. Mine is love. Mine is holy. I am causing you to see and access this realm of holiness so that you might experience it even as it is being spoken to you. I am causing your soul to touch it for I am giving you sight to see Me. Love is sight. Love is eyes that are not defiled. Love is eyes that are pure for it takes pure eyes to see the pure God. You will see Me and you will live in My sight.
  10. At a particular time, I was hidden and kept secret from the eyes of men. You could not see Me  but now, I am bringing you to the place where you will see Me as I am for I will make Myself known to you. Upon this ground of love which I am bringing you into, I will be fully unveiled. Upon this ground of love, I will be fully discovered. Upon this ground of love, I will no longer be a mystery. Upon this ground of love, I will be made open. Upon this ground of love, I will be unveiled.

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