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The Effect of Workings Around the Throne: (19th October, 2015)

Tongues and Interpretations

Now will I begin to cause you to hear voices that are round about the throne. For there are voices around about the throne. Around the throne are wonders, around the throne are thunders, around the throne are lightning. Around the throne are things that move, things that quake, things that tremble. Round about the throne are demonstrations and operations of God and you will begin to hear; I will cause you to hear, and I will cause you to understand even that which these voices utter – these things which these voices are speaking. I will cause you to hear it. I will cause you to understand even the things that are round about the throne (the voices that are round about the throne). I am bringing you before the throne of My Father. You will hear to stand, you will hear to come. You must hear. You must hear to be able to stand before the throne. You must hear the things and understand the things that are around the throne. I am opening them up to you. I am causing you to come into it. I am bringing the understanding of these things. I am bringing the understanding of the things that pertain to the throne even the things that have been kept within the throne, even the things that have been hidden by the throne, I will unveil to you.

This is the hiding place. This is My hiding place. This is Our hiding place. This is where things are kept; this is where things are hidden. This is where judgement are concluded. This is where things are planned. This is the place where everything that happens must revolve around, for this is the hiding place. It is My hiding place. Blessed is the one whom I have called to My hiding place – whom I have called to partake of this secret. For there, there are secret even hidden secret. I am calling you to the hiding place. I will hide you. I will hide you in My Father. I am hidden in My Father and the Father is hidden, for we are hidden. Though you see but you do not see. Though you hear but you really do not hear. Though you perceive, you really do not perceive for it is hidden and it is hidden. He is hidden, I am hidden and anyone who is brought to this place becomes hidden. You will be hidden, hidden from every other. You will be hidden from the world, hidden from sin, hidden from death and hidden from corruption. Here, nothing touches you, nothing can reach you for you are hidden.

I am seeing the throne. I am seeing the place where words come from. I hear in my spirit, you do not understand the mystery of words; you do not understand from whence words flow. You do not understand that My word is My seed. There is My word which is My seed and this is My word that is My seed, and round this seed there are demonstrations for the seed is oraculous. The seed is spiritual. The seed itself is spirit. The seed can turn a man. The seed is the blessing that must be received with an oath. The seed can make a man tall, the seed can make a man low. The seed will cancel every other definition which life has given to man. The seed will redefine man and man will no longer as it were have that which man has defined him to be. To whom the seed is come, such a man is blessed. Such a man is strengthened. Such a man has received God.

Priests are prisoners. Priest have been imprisoned and that is why I can hand over My secret to them. That is why I can trust them with things that are of My secret. For no one will I give a right of way into My secret whom I have not taken a prisoner. For I will take you a prisoner; I will take you into prison; I will put you in My prison. When you become My prisoner then, I will give you My things. You can now imprison my things when you have become My prisoner. When you do not allow Me to take you as a prisoner, yes, I will not take you as My priest, and will not give you the things that pertain to priesthood even the things which you must hold – divine secret of the oracle. A priest is a praise. Though he is a prisoner but he is a praise. A priest is a praise of Him who has called him. A priest will show nothing else but the praise of Him who has called him. You must not have anything of your own or of yourself, or of another but that which is of Mine, then you will be My priest.

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