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The Everlasting Covenant: (3rd November, 2015)

Tongues and Interpretations

For many will break into this realm; this is the season that is upon you, and there is no withholding of Me to turn My heart against you. I will open it to you. This is the end; I am unveiling Myself to you. Do not say to yourself, are we the qualified ones. You can measure by how I measure. It is My deepest desire to open Myself to you. Saith the Lord, I am about to cut a covenant with you, and it is a covenant of the everlasting God. This is the sure mercy of David. This is the key – the key of David. It will open a door for you. This is an open door. You cannot enter here without sure mercies. It is both sure and steadfast which entereth within the veil wherein our High Priest (after the order of Melchizedek) for us is entered. This is a sure word of prophecy. This is a sure place you are entering into; it is an assured dimension. No one enters here without an oath

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