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The Immutable Promise of God – Part 2 (Prayer Meeting)

Tongues and Interpretations

I am granting you grace for the season which is upon you. You need My grace to pass through this season. For a great season has come upon you, a great season of inheritance, a great season of entrance.

It is My desire that you should pass this season therefore I will help you pass this season. I will strengthen you to pass this season. Yes, all the things that I have spoken unto you, I will bring them to pass for I have power to bring them to pass. I will strengthen and guard your feet. I will strength you and cause you to stand and you will pass Jordan. You will cross Jordan and you will come into Me saith the Lord.

I will begin to bring to you even as I have already began to bring to you an understanding of the Father. I will cause you to begin to understand the Father for you will see My Father. You will know My Father and you will experience My Father. I will make you see My Father. My Father is your Father. I will take you to the Father and I will make you see the Father. The Father will no longer be a mystery to you; the Father will no longer be hidden from you. I will cause you to see the Father. I will cause light upon light to come to you. I will enlighten you. I will bring you light and bring you the light of the Father.

I am bringing meals to you, meals for the journey ahead. I am going to cause more meals to come to you. You must eat in this season. It is a season for you to feed for you must eat that which is good to journey to that which is perfect. You must eat that which is good. You will have to eat all the meals that I am bringing in this season. Be strengthened to eat; stand up and eat take heed and eat. Hearken and eat. You must eat and eat for it is the meal prepared for the journey. Every journey has a meal prepared for it. The meal is the strength that will help you to journey and I have prepared the meal which I am bringing to you. Eat of this meal and you will journey.

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