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The Immutable Promise of God – Part 3 (Prayer Meeting)

Tongues and Interpretations 

Do not say in your heart, do not reason it in your mind, do not try to look at it and wonder, ‘How can these things be? When will I get here? How can I get here? Will these things come to pass? Will they come to pass in my days?’ I stand before you as an open Door and I am calling on you; I am beckoning on you, saying, ‘Come in for a set time is upon you for entrance. A set time is upon you for to enter. I am your God and I am able to make you enter. I am your God, I am able to make you stand. I am your God, I am able to separate you. I am your God, I am able to make you enter. I can sanctify you; I can separate you. I am able and I will do it.’

‘I am calling you to come. As many as we heed and come, I will not cast away. As many as we believe and come to Me; you need to come to Me. Come to Me and I will not cast you away. Come to Me for I will remove the veils. I will cast off the veils; I will remove the veils before you. There is no veil that I cannot remove. There are veils that are before you. Veils that do not allow you to see, veils that hinder your coming to Me, and your becoming like Me; veils upon veils. For each of the veil I am asking you to come for there are many comings that must be done. For each coming that is fulfilled, a veil will be torn for I will tear the veils as you come. As you draw closer, I will tear another veil. Just keep coming and keep coming, and do not stop coming’ saith the Lord.

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