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The Mystery of Divine Love

Love is the excellent spirit and the excellent way

The glory that excelleth

And the full stature of priesthood

Which is able to have compassion

On them which are out of the way

Love is compassionate towards the ungodly

Yet love is firm and forthright, dwelling in the light


Ever interceding, standing in the gap

A mediator who speaks and thinks evil of no one

Discerning, not suspicious

Corrects and rebukes unto redemption


Love is truth unfeigned

Pure divine emotions unchained

Passion, raw, childlike, untamed

Love is fire, all consuming, unbriddled

Burning incence and pleasures

In the soul of that Great Lover of man


Love is the strength and stature of Immortality

Love is the immeasurable heart of the Triune God

Love is the building and habitation of mercy

Love is glory in the highest,

And the deepest depths of the Sea of Glass …


Love is jealous

Demanding as the grave

Gives all, takes all


Separate from sin, severred from the world

Love is the fire that burns away the passion for this world

Love is the dread of the wicked one

Love is the secret of life and immortality

Love is the perfection of the commandment of life

The ever enduring virtue even in the fiery furnace of the angry king


Love puts sacredness on the knees of its captives

Making them too stiff to bow to the glory of Babylon

Love says, if I perish, I perish’ in resolute affirmation of the victory of Him

Who has paid it all


Love is the power to go and sin no more

Love is the light of the Perfect Day

Which darkness cannot comprehend

Love is the key that opens the ancient gates of Divinity

The master key that unlocks the everlasting doors

Love is still, unperturbed in the face of fear

Love is bold, Love is the Lion

Love is the greatest, the most excellent name

Love is that vast ocean of pleasures evermore

Seated at the right hand of the majesty on high

Dive into Him, and you will find the Father at the very center

For love is the core, and the very essence of the Father


The power that breaks the strength of hate

Brings an end to the strivings of cursed flesh

Love is the fiery breath of the Father

Consuming all His foes


Love is the little and the greatest

Love is gentle, love is fierce and fearful

Yea love brings judgment to build mercy

Love is tender, love is thunder

Goes all out conquering, yet nurturing the lost

Unto full salvation


Love is servant Love is Lord

Love is ageless, love is freshness

Love is youthful full of strength

Love is the ancient one white with age


Love is the Rock, calm before roaring chaos

Unperturbed by the rage of evil

Undaunted by the rising tides of wickedness

For its victory lies in the wisdom of meekness

And in the strength of peace it rests

Yea love stands in order and alignment to truth

Love is invincible, yet harmless

Washing away all sins yet risen undefiled

Love is pure, love is virgin


Love’s beauty fadeth not away

Proceeding from the womb of the morning

Love is that beautiful garden

The great prisonyard

Where my soul longs to dwell

Held spell bound, in sweet ecstacies

Eternal romance inside the Father’s captivity

Upon the green bed of His sabbath

Forever dancing to the tunes and rhythms of His heart

On that sacred ground

Where mercies are sure and ever new




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