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The Priestly building of Rest

Tongues and Interpretation

  1. Behold, you are a child of peace destined for peace. Your portion is peace and peace is what I give to you. My peace is what I have laid up in My Son Jesus, for there are dimensions of peace with Him which He will lead you into. He will bring you into all My peace for I desire that you come to all My peace so that your wars might end.  In Me is peace, and  in Me is rest.
  2. I see you, saith the Lord, closing in into the morning, pressing into a new day where joy cometh from.You are approaching a new day and a new sphere of living which is different from the interpretation of the former.You are coming into the zone where I make all things new.You are entering the newness of life, which is the morning, the place where all your labors cease and My work begins.You will cease from all your works even in this glorious season.

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