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The Reward of Consistent Walk: (17th October, 2015)

Tongues and Interpretations:

As you continue in the path of faith which is of the Son, veils open. Veils to the holiest of all cannot just be opened. For that which will cause the veils to answer is the Son. There are veils and veils, but the key to the answering of these living veils, for the veils to utter their voice, they must hear the path. They must hear the language of the path. They must hear even the footsteps along the path. The footsteps along the path speak in the heavens and all order will be given for veils even veils into the holiest of all to be opened. It is time for the holiest of all to be opened upon you. So, walk. Let your feet make the noise. Let your feet sing the song. Let your feet, call, let your feet walk, let your feet desire, let your feet speak to the veil and the veil will retort, and there will be an opening granted. So, walk for it is the last time.

Is it not written, how beautiful are the feet of them that bring good tidings even the tidings of great joy? For your feet is polished, your feet is washed, your feet is prepared and your feet is made ready. For no one can enter whose feet are not made ready. No one can come in into the holiest of all whose feet have not been polished. Only polished feet, only feet that have walked, and as you walk by faith, your feet are purified. Your feet are polished, your feet are guarded up to mount, for you must mount. You must be mounting to see the Father. You must be on the mountain of Zion to see Elohim. Your feet must be on the mountain Zion and then, you will see the Father.

Do not draw back , do not go back and do not turn back. There is nothing anymore for you from where you came out from. Even the place where you came out from will reject you. Even the place where you came out from will not like you because your feet have been polished. If you draw back, you will gather dust, and even the place where you left before will not take you. Because many have come there, many have occupied it; there is no space any more there; it will not take you. Go forward; reach out for the inheritance. Swear unto the inheritance. Lift up your hands unto the inheritance and the inheritance will receive you.

I am Mercy; I am not just merciful. All about Me is mercy. Mercy can feel, mercy can see, mercy can hear, mercy can act. I am prepared to show you Myself. I am prepared for you to see Me.

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