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The Rising of  Men of Oath: (27th  October, 2015)

Tongues and Interpretations

Mystery is unfolding. Mysteries are being unfolded by heaven. Heavens are rolling out their mysteries even the mysteries of our God. For it must be finished; for it is the end when mysteries are being rolled out. The end is at hand. For he who perpetuated himself to be a mystery will be demystified. For he who has kept himself even hidden from men and men could not discover him, and yet he works amidst men corruption and wrought wickedness, yea in this time, he will be decoded. Yes, death will be decoded. Hell will be decoded; corruption will be demystified. For great mystery, mystery of our God, that is the great mystery, the mystery of all mysteries is being rolled out for the discovery of things even things that men do not know.

These are the things that have been marked with oath. For when oath has been given, there is no returning back. For when oath has been declared, there is no changing. For there will not be any returning even in this intention of God. For men must be taken, men must be harvested. It is a swearing; it is an oath which He will perform over the earth and upon the church – an oath of His mercy. It is mercy oath that will be performed upon the people of God.

For these are sons of oath; these are the bearers of oath. For not only have they been taken by oath but they will also give oath. Not only have they been harvested by oath but they will declare oath. They will take oath and run to the end of the earth. Yea, they will run, like mighty men, they will run. They will scale the wall. There will be no hindrances; there will be no barriers. There will be no sea before them neither will there be mountains before them. For all will be plain. They will run swiftly. They will run with the word of oath even to the end of the earth. They will run with that which has swallowed them even to the end of the earth, and so they will declare, and that which they will declare will stand. And that which they proclaim will be established over the face of the earth. For the Lord will reign even the Lord their God will reign amidst them.

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