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The Walk of Good Work pt2

MInistering: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

Text: Psalm 104

There is an exercise for those who have come into full age, that is, those who have partaken fully of Christ. These people are able to discern good (that is of God) and evil (the wicked work of satan). Anyone who does not fully partake of Christ cannot come into God. The day we get born again is not the day we begin to do good works. It takes some time of continuance in following to come to do good works. These good works are ordained by God that we should walk in them (Eph. 2:10). Good work is God’s work and not man’s work. God wants us to walk in His work but before we can walk in the ordained work of God, we must have done some work- the work of Christ because only Christ can work the work of God.

There is an order of coming to the heavens of God. first the waters, then the chambers then the heavens (Ps.104:2-3). To walk on water is to walk the first walk which is Christ. What God walks on is Christ. The true bearer of God is Christ. Full Christ is the waters and the chambers. God cannot cleanse the church except by waters (Eph. 5:6). The concept of Christ as one who cleanses has always been there. Christ has three level . He is there firstly to sanctify and cleanse the church. The end of sanctification is cleansing.  It by Christ that God works, Christ is the water of God. this water is crystal in nature. There is no way one can get to God without Christ. The waters spoken of in Psalm 104 is the power of God (Christ).

The teaching of Christ is important. When God created Adam, his expectation was that Adam will become Christ but He fell short. The Church has been given the privilege to become . The seal of christ is to learn how not to touch the unclean. It is a realm of peace. The fullness of the teaching of Christ brings the heavens upon a man. For the heavenly realm to dissolve upon a man, it will take the operation of mercy.

There is a difference between waters and dew. In the beginning, it was the dew that blessed the earth. The first rain fell after the fall of man. Whenever dew is coming, blessing is coming (Psalm 133:3).

The womb of the morning is the holy place. The first womb is the outer court, the enclosed womb is the holy place and the womb of the morning is the most holy place. Anyone that is not in any of the wombs is not in the kingdom. This is so set because of the dew (Psalm 110:3). Womb of the night is where sons of the night come from. The dew of thy youth is so called because of the holy place. This dew cause one to be ever refreshed.

Jesus will not come until people have come into the most holy place. People that will come into the most holy place will be the rod of the strength of Christ because they will have accessed  the. The most holy realm cannot be accessed by merely singing, you will have to be called by the beings in the most holy before you can be granted access into the most holy.

This realm cannot be accessed without suffering because one who has not suffered has not ceased from sin (1 pet 4:1). The sufferings of Christ instill a certain discipline in a man that helps him follow God’s order. The afflictions we go through for Christ is but for a moment but they work for and in us glory that excels (2 Cor 4:17). The afflictions are to turn us unto salvation.

God is over the wings of the chariot. The chariot  were described by ezekiel in ezekiel 1 as the cherubim. He described this appearance from their feet. On their heads was the likeness of a firmament they had the appearance of a terrible crystal. Under the firmament were their wings straight one toward another. If we remember, God walks upon the wings of the wind.

Everything that God puts on has a significance. Walking in the light is higher than the faith walk. The first walk is the faith walk. it is important to wait for the guidance of the spirit when interpreting scripture. True interpretation of scriptures comes from someone who has been taught to wait.

When a man gets born again he does not immediately have all the knowledge he needs. S a result, he will transgress Gods laws but God’s wrath will not be kindled against such a person because he lacks knowledge. Instead what God does is to shine light on such a person. As light comes, knowledge is dispensed. When someone who has knowledge goes contrary to the requirement of God, it is accounted to him as sin (James 4:17) but light is given to enable the person come to knowledge for the remission of sins. Knowledge for the remission of sin is dispensed through revelation and experience.

A believer without knowledge cannot easily offend Christ. It takes someone that has the knowledge of Christ to offend. Christ was made manifest to take away (stop us from sinning) 1 John 3:5. Inside Jesus is thee power to stop a man from sinning. Those who will abide in christ will be without the capacity to sin. Jesus was also manifested to stop the works of the devil.

A child of God can be born of the devil in his soul. A person that is born of the devil does the works of the devil. Someone who does evil is a devil. This evil is not what we know as evi, it is in evil done in light that is with knowledge. There is a sin that is unto death. A person that commits this kind of sin cannot be forgiven.

Righteous works are good works. One who walks in the light does righteous work and one who walks in darkness does evil works. Inside God is a work, inside satan is a work. God wrought a work in satan but he corrupted it and made it evil. The work in God was not created it is a work of deity but that of the devil is a created work. God has ordained from the beginning that we should walk and work this work of deity. It is superior to the work of the devil..

The devil has a boast that men cannot resist what he has to offer. Men who are able to do the work of God expire the law of sin in their souls and by so doing give no creed to the boast of the devil. What satan perpetuates is as a result of the work in him. He fight to keep this work in men. He will give anything to sustain his life. What makes up an angel is not their countenance but the work that is wrought in them.

The church is only as powerful as she can stop sin and the works of the devil. All the works of the devil are evil and are. The devil has taught men to seek God for things instead of for God in order to sustain his work in them. When one walks in the revelation of Christ and of God, he wrecks the works of the devil and hidden tendencies

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