• Join thousands of believers ONLINE, from different
    nations and churches who are yearning for
    a deeper and a stronger walk with GOD.
  • Get to know God DEEPER and understand His ultimate purpose for your life
  • Receive deliverance from sin, guilt and fear
  • Become stronger in the faith and learn to truly please God
  • Get answers to salient questions about life and eternity

Got questions about Anamnesis?

Click on these frequently asked questions to view answers. You may also send an email to helpdesk@egfm.org to get additional information

What is Anamnesis About?

‘Anamnesis’, which is a yearly meeting hosted by the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministry, derives its name from a Greek word which means “remembrance” or a “calling to mind”. The word was used by the Lord Himself when He said “this do in remembrance of Me” (Luke 22:19, 1Cor. 11:24-25).

Is attendance at Believers' Convention free?

Attending Believers’ Convention is ABSOLUTELY FREE. However, in compliance with government regulations for religious gatherings due to the current pandemic, participation in the 2020 edition will be STRICTLY ONLINE. See the link to register.

Which ministry is organizing and hosting Anamnesis?

Anamnesis is anchored by the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministry (EGFM). EGFM is a home to many believers from different backgrounds. As a major event, Anamnesis was designed under the leading of the Holy Spirit to raise people who can stand complete in all of the will of God.

Why should I attend Anamnesis?

Anamnesis is highly recommended for believers who desire to have an even deeper intimacy with the Lord. At Anamnesis, the Lord Jesus Christ becomes our obsession. Words of life are spoken under a strong anointing of the Spirit to open attendees up to the greatness and uniqueness of His Person - above all else. There is also an intense atmosphere of reverence and worship that facilitates the pouring of adulation from all hearts unto the Lord.

Who can attend Anamnesis?

Anamnesis is for everybody irrespective of church affiliation. It is a non-denominational Believers’ Meeting attended by Believers from different nations and Christian backgrounds.

How can I participate or attend Anamnesis 2020?

Registration and participation is ABSOLUTELY FREE! To register, click the REGISTER NOW button above and join thousands of believers who are preparing their hearts to have life-changing encounters with the Lord this December 2020! Also, Anamnesis is fully available ONLINE and you can be part of the meeting remotely! Streaming links (Video and Audio), meeting schedule and regular updates will be shared with you periodically, after you register for this Holy Convocation.