Another Look @ Our Father!

We have a Father; an Heavenly Father; One who wants us to feel His warmth.

We have a Father; a tender One; Love personified; God whose mercy can never be exhausted!

There are many sides of Him; yea many sweet sides we are yet to experience: many divine provisions in Him that we are yet to harness.

There are many lovely sides. Many peaceable sides. Many comforting sides. Many expressions of healing in this Father of ours, all of which are meant to heal and make us whole; all of which are meant to make us free: utterly free from the infirmities of our soul. 

We have a Father; a heavenly One: a divine One! He desires us to be where the Son is; to abide in Him: to know as we are known!

He wants to bring us into the realm of the unknown; into the wonders of joy unspeakable: into the realm of eternal rest.

He has purposed to do great things in and through us; great things that should spring forth as we yield the holy and most holy courts of our soul to Him: as we become His people and He becomes our God and Father—in truth.

He wants us to rest in His lofty promises; in the good work He begun when the gospel first smiled our way. He wants to open us up to untold communions that are locked up in the Bible; to the truth surrounding His ancient wisdom.

He wants to draw us closer than we have—and can desire. He wants to grant us access into the treasures of light; into the blessedness of all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

Sin closed men to the Bible; to His holy book.

Sin closed men to the volume of light that has been warehoused in His book, but He now wants to open us up to the Bible again—so we can know Him as the everlasting Father and take that journey into His rest; into that place He went to prepare for us.

And so, He is quietly pondering our goings, meticulously keeping His eyes our paths; faithfully leading us to living waters: so we can be empowered to entertain much more than we can think and ask.

The Father is doing a quiet work that will make us whole; whole enough to abide in His holiness.




Pst. Tayo Fasan

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