Commitment to God's Agenda

Text: Matt. 24:27-31


The day of the Lord is a span of time, of unfolding of events that brings us into the finality of God’s intent for us. The carcass typifies the meal upon which the eagles, that is God’s sons, would gather (Matt. 24:28). Immediately after the tribulation, the manifestation of the sons of God will be actualized. The emergence of the sons of God will lead to the activities that will be experienced and visible to the world. The Apocalypse is focused on the salvation of God’s people, although at the same time it would be a condemnation to the world. The essence of the glad tiding is a culmination of people taking their places in the heavenlies.


The first advent of Jesus Christ revealed Him as Emmanuel - God with us (Isa. 8:10) and If Israel had discerned Him as this, they would have experienced salvation available in that allocation. In the first dispensation of righteousness - Christ, there is an allocation of God that we are expected to experience; because God was in Christ (2 Corin 5:19). In salvation, the Son of God is God with us. The warfare of the last days is to prevent the manifestations of sons; and this is the focus of the antichrist. Then, he will not only fight in the holy place, but also in the most holy place, to prevent both the sign of His coming and His coming indeed.


In the days to come, human strength will utterly fail (Isa.8:10-18). The children that God has given Jesus are for signs. God had to partake of flesh and blood in order to help His children transit from the holy place to the most holy. The sons given to Jesus are the children of the holy place, prepared for migration into the most holy place. The Lord’s appearance on mount zion is for the sake of the children. Thus, it is imperative that we are prepared for His coming; and be the means by which He extends His salvation to the entire world.


God’s desire is that salvation be made known to all the ends of the earth; not to a selected group of people in a certain country but for the entire globe (Matt. 24:31). The day of the Lord and His appearance is a global event, so also are the tidings (Matt. 24:27). The programme of preparing to receive the day of the Lord is one that is worth giving oneself for. The privilege to hear the tidings of God's day is a demonstration of God's great love towards us. Hearing these tidings is not enough, there is a corresponding response to the commitment of heaven required of us from the Lord (Rom. 8:28).


The whole creation (including the new creation) is in travail for the day of the Lord. We are in a great time where we must yield to the Lord as He wroughts in us everything required to fulfill His intent. Strength is needed at these times to break the limitations of death that have prevented us from experiencing the glorious liberty of the sons of God (Rom. 8:21).


There is a perfect liberty awaiting creation and so God is in these days raising Sons to usher in this liberty. Fear has torment and it keeps its subjects perpetually in bondage (1 Jn. 4:18). Fear incapacitates its captive; giving room for death to perfect its work. To have the life of God is to live and never die; losing the capacity to die. Although to a soul, it may initially seem as  dying, but when life takes over, death ceases.


The power of fear will be destroyed through the teaching of the tidings. God destroyed fear in Christ before He could bring Him into His perfect day. In Christ, death has been destroyed, to the end that the Church would approach into perfect love. For perfect love to be revealed, fear must be dealt with. Jesus Christ descended first before He ascended. This is the only way He could fill all in all (Eph. 4:10). Descending was a route of death, so all spheres could experience Him. In this season, the saints will find enough grace to descend and then ascend. In this season, fear is cringing, because the portals of the reality of the tidings we have been receiving are opening.

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