God's Light; Our Eternal Inheritance

The season that God has brought us into is a season of His light. The day of God is the day where men have so learnt the light of God that they are using the light to live. The message of the gospel is God. This is because God is the inheritance that man ought to come into.


From the beginning he told Abraham, I am your shield and exceeding great reward. He made it clear that He is the one Abraham needs. Back in the garden, the tree that contains all that God wants to offer is the tree of life, though He gave instruction that they can eat from other trees except one.


The day of the Lord is going to culture a new kind of man that will become harmless. This is the original intention of God for man, and it can be seen from the beginning when God planted the tree of life for man to eat from. But when man ate from another tree; the tree of good and evil, man became dominated instead of having dominion which was the original intention of God. The gospel intends to bring man to where he is supposed to be. 


We can't start with the tidings of God because of the state of man. Man was beaten down and the gospel had to be packaged in a way that man can take it. When a man is born again, every man has the destiny to come and inherit God. At new birth, the soul of a man is still a baby. Paul said to the Corinthian Christians as unto babes in Christ because they are still carnal. A carnal man can't use the light of God even though that's where he will end.


The man needs to go through the process that will help grow him into the man that can use God's light. There is no point in talking mysteries while you are lacking in the basics (Proverbs 4:18). Path is to be walked in and what informs our walk on the path is light. We walk until we get to the perfect day. The giving of milk to a baby is to enhance healthy growth and after taking enough milk then, the child can move into taking food.



The light of life in the son is the light of eternal life. This life is a kind of knowledge. When God promised to give man eternal life, the manner in which He meant for it to be dispensed was through knowledge. Eternal life is what makes God who He is and it is this knowledge God has ordained that man should partake of. God put the tree of life in the garden signifying His intent to give man his life.


The revelation of Christ is meant to turn a man from being carnal to being spiritual. Whosoever does not undergo the doctrine or tutelage of Christ will remain carnal. The revelation of Christ should be used by the soul to journey out of flesh. A believer is meant to use milk and use it well but after using milk to a point, it is expected that the believer grows up and develops spiritual teeth for meat. Who shall he wean from milk and who shall he draw from the breast (). This further tells us that the believer ought to be weaned from milk and migrate to the usage of meat. It is unfortunate that some believers do not desire to grow up, such believers may need to experience failures from the usage of milk to be forced into usage of the meat.


The light of Christ weans one from milk to meat. It is the light of Christ that will wean a soul from living by what is seen to living by what is not seen. The training of living by and for the unseen is important because the inheritance though reserved in heaven for us is not seen (1 Pet. 1:4). Anything that can be seen is corruptible, can be defiled and will fade away. Thanks be to God that we have been called to inherit that which is not seen but which will endure forever. The training of the unseen realm is the training of faith. The lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life are basically built upon things that can be seen. The light of the Son however, helps us to come out of these things that are natural including our value system.


The natural is not evil it is meant to be used but not to be abused (1 Cor. 7:31). The light of Christ makes one spiritual. When the soul uses the light of the Christ and uses it well, such a man will become spiritual. It is the spiritual man that can take on the next allocation of light.  Any godliness outside the revelation of faith will fail because it will not stand the test of time.  God who cannot lie promised us eternal life but because the man had become grass, he will first need to be raised above the natural. The hindrance man faces on his journey to being spiritual is the natural but the training of faith helps such a man overcome this hindrance.


God does not want us to mind earthly things. Abraham journeyed through the leadings that the Lord brought his way to a point where he realised that what he had been called unto was nothing in the natural. Abraham saw afar off. The more spiritual a man becomes, the more he de-emphasizes the natural. Whoever cannot de-emphasize the natural cannot seek the promise. God cannot become our God if we are minding earthly things. The faith of the son cleanses a soul from its passions of the earth.


It takes the knowledge of God to lay hold on eternal life. The revelation of Christ will raise one up for the revelation of God. The revelation of Christ will make you a lamb while the revelation of God slays the lamb. To know eternal life is to know God; to know God is to Know love. The book of first John custodes commandments of love. The commandment of love is the commandment of eternal life. It is the season of love in another dimension. The day of God is the revelation of love. Though God is love, He does not de-emphasize the love for one another.

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